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4 Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Plumberbrookvale Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage and wastes are inevitably a part of our daily living. Like most commercial and domestic products, wastes and garbage just seem to magically appear and multiply in our household. When you have got so many garbage and wastes at home, be it biodegradable or not, everyone has this problem on how to dispose these nasty things. There are actually many ways on how to solve these wastes problems, and the utilisation of a garbage disposal unit is one of them. Garbage disposals have given so much convenience in disposing biodegradable garbage and in avoiding possible clogging troubles. They grind soft wastes especially those who are not supposed to be kept on trash bins for they might invite hazardous insects and unpleasant smell. Without giving enough attention these valuable appliances, they may lose their efficiency and high performance. Here are the four major troubles and quandary a garbage disposal may encounter when not habitually maintained.

1. Disposal jam

There are actually many causes on why your garbage disposal unit experiences clogging. Most of the time, this is caused by the homeowner’s lack of maintenance to the unit and their unawareness. Here are the three major causes of jammed garbage disposals.

  • Lack of maintenance

When the homeowner does not habitually clean the garbage disposal unit, some particles drained down the unit may be left in its mechanisms. When they deposit in the unit’s interior rotating parts, they may cause the disposal to jam.

  • Draining hard objects

Another reason for disposal jam is the draining of various substances and particles that are not actually suitable to be drained on the unit. These particles may be too hard or too large for the disposal to grind. Everyday products such as coffee granules, egg shells, dairy and fruit peels are not to be drained down the unit. They are unfortunately beyond your disposal’s capability.
Coffee granules and most just-add-water products are drained down the disposal for many of us think that they are directly soluble in water. But the truth is, water cannot get rid of them all the time. Instead, they get stuck and pinned on the walls of your unit, slowly building up until completely jamming the unit.

  • Overloading

When using the garbage disposal in disposing biodegradable substances, do not feed all of them at once. Feed them one at a time, giving the disposal enough time to grind the particles. Overloading the unit gives so much stress until the disposal could no longer handle. It may either jam or completely degenerate.

2. Leaky garbage disposal

When you find a pool of water located below your garbage disposal, leaky leaks might be existent. Most of the time, the problem is not with your garbage disposal, it may be a loose connection between your kitchen sink drainage and the garbage disposal. In this case, all you have to do is change your rubber gasket and tighten everything to get rid of leaks. But when that does not solve the problem, the leakage might really be from your unit and the only way to solve that is to change your disposal.

3. Disposal unit won’t turn on

The first thing to do when your disposal won’t turn on is to check the power supply. Sometimes, this has something to do with electricity. But when there are enough electricity supply and your disposal is still not turning on, check the reset button. Popped out reset buttons indicates a jammed disposal or you might have left it turned on for a long time. Just remove the jammed particles before you reset the button at the bottom part of the disposal.

When that trick does not solve the problem, something wrong might be going on with your motor. When you turn it on and no sound is heard coming from the unit, your motor might need a replacement.

4. Noisy garbage disposal

Noisy garbage disposal might be caused by stuck particles within the unit. It might be too hard for the shredder to grind. Situations like this require manually removing the stuck object to get rid of the noise. Sometimes, the noise might be caused by loose parts and components and you can solve this by either replacing the unit or engage with a professional to solve the problem for you.

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