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4 Typical Techniques to Deter Clogs in Your Drains

garbage-disposalClogged drains are indeed the most typical plumbing problem most homeowner face. What makes this problem really frustrating is the possibility that this dilemma will jump from one problem to another causing more repair procedures and more expenses. When the clog is not addressed immediately, it can even lead to sewer backup or overflow and more problems. All of us want to fix this problem on our own right away to avoid further dilemma, however, some of us probably do not have any idea on how to do that causing them to easily call a plumber to solve the problem for them. So it would be better to perform some techniques so you can avoid this dilemma that constantly calls a plumber. Here are some tips to help you avoid clogs and drain obstruction.

Install a grain-gate or a mesh screen

Some homeowners can’t really avoid flushing food bits and solid particles into their drain that may cause clogs such as egg shells and food chunks which might create a build-up on the drainage pipe and could lead to obstruction. In this situation, you would need to install a mesh screen or a grain gate. This mechanism’s primary duty is to sort out large chunks of solid particles from the wastewater to avoid it from entering the drainage system. This can help avoid clogs on your drainage system and you wouldn’t have to worry anymore as the particles that are sorted out can be easily removed.

Avoid pouring grease, oil and fat into the drainage system

Even if you already installed a mesh screen and a grain gate to protect your sewer system, it is never enough to avoid clogs though it is proven and tested. This is because these mechanisms can only stop large chunks of food and other solid particles but not grease and fat. This has been the mechanism’s greatest setback. In this situation, all you can do is avoid pouring down oil and grease in your sinks and avoid the drainage of fatty substances that might lead to grease and fat buildup within your drainage system.

Run hot water often

If you really can’t avoid pouring down greasy and fatty substances into your drain, it would be better to pour a huge amount of hot water into your system to get rid of these fatty substances and to avoid them from clinging into your sewer line interior that may then cause clogs. And after that, try your best not to pour grease and fat on your drainage again and never stop pouring hot water to ensure the system.

Avoid the constant use of chemical drain cleaners

All of us want to get rid of this dilemma causing most homeowners to restore their drainages with the use of chemical-based drain cleaners. But, in case you do not know, this substance will just help endanger your sewer lines as this is harmful to pipes especially those metal ones. Aside from that, this is harmful to the environment as well. It would be better to use enzyme drain cleaners available in many local stores to ensure the wellbeing of your pipes and the environment.

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