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5 Obvious Signs of Drain Problems

plumber brookvale 5 Obvious Signs of Drain ProblemsA drainage system encounters a handful of problem each day. Some are efficient in solving the problem on its own while others need special attention to be remedied. While most of the problems that we fix are bigger in scale than the others, it is harder and more expensive to find an effective solution for the severely damaged ones. That is the main reason why finding the problem earlier and providing a good remedy is important. Remember that the earlier the damages are spotted, the bigger the chances there is for it to be reversed. Because pipe replacement is a hassle process and an expensive one, more homeowners prefer prevention over repair or replacement which is why, having preventive measures or emergency repair for drain issues are important to know. To get you started, here are some of the most obvious signs of a drain issue:

1.Gutter Problems

The main cause of this problem could be debris such as dead leaves stuck inside the pipe running down the side of the wall corner that is connected to the gutters. If you have a tree in your property or any vegetative plant that is near the roof, crawling along the length of your exterior wall, has the same height as your building or situated anywhere in the property that the winds can easily blow the leaves to the gutters, it is best that you do a routine clean-up for your gutters. There is a very big chance that the dead leaves as well as twigs and branches will cause the blockage in the pipe.
This blockage will aid in rotting in throughout the gutter. This will start the deterioration of the pipe and other surrounding fixtures. As a solution, make it a hobby to fish out any blockage in the gutter using a bent wire or hire a professional plumber to do it for you.

2.Downspout Issues

As downspouts transport water from the roof to the ground it dumps the water with too much force making it seep down into soil and put pressure into the building’s foundation. This might lead to weakening of the foundation if it goes on for a long time. It can also cause cracks and breakage to the foundation making the whole building prone or in danger of crumbling down.
To remedy the situation, build a gutter extension that would carry the water, and the force, at least 5 meters away from the foundation or any exterior walls of the building.

3.Water Stains

A water stain in the walls or floor is another obvious yet low-key sign of a drain problem. However, not every water stain you find in your home is a drainage tell-tale sign. Sometimes, it is caused by groundwater rising up.
To solve this dilemma, the soil around your building should have 6-inch soles for each 10 horizontal feet.


Cracks are pretty normal in homes that have been around for a long time. However, if a crack is at least 1/8 inch wide, this should be monitored. Any shift in the size should not be taken lightly.
If a crack is small and have not yet penetrated the wall thoroughly, patch it up using hydraulic cement. If, on the other hand, the crack is bigger and deeper, call a plumber for assistance.

5.Deposits in the Walls

Efflorescence is very obvious and easy to spot. If you see these in walls or floorings around the house, these should tell you that maintenance around those parts are being neglected. These are white patches of mineral deposits left on the surface as the water evaporates.
Although efflorescence is harmless, they are pretty distracting to your interior. To get rid of them, scrape the surface off.

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