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6 Natural Ways to Deodorise a Stinky Garbage Disposal

Plumberbrookvale Water and Dishwashing Soap

It is in your kitchen where you prepare your family’s food for every meal. This then justifies the need to keep your kitchen clean, pleasant and secured to assure the security of your family’s health. Your kitchen sink garbage disposal, a single piece of appliance below your kitchen sink has helped so much in your kitchen duties, from the reduction of kitchen garbage to the maintenance of your kitchen. It is inevitable that it has given so much convenience to you. But when you don’t maintain your garbage disposal, it can ruin your family’s meal by ruining your appetite due to the stinky smell it releases. To avoid this occurrence, make sure to maintain and habitually deodorise your garbage disposal with the help of these tips, even though they are self-cleaning.

1. Water and dishwashing soap

For most homeowners, this is the most common and the simplest way of deodorising your garbage disposal. You can utilise a dishwashing soap and water to clean the unit. Just pour the dishwashing soap and let it stream down the garbage disposal to disinfect it and rinse it with water afterwards.

2. Ice and salt

The utilisation of ice and salt is one of the best ways to deodorise your garbage disposal unit when it stinks. These home products will serve as a team in deodorising and sanitising your mechanism. The ice will be ground by the blades. In contrary to what most people believe, ice cubes do not sharpen the blades, it would only remove the stuck and pinned particles of the blade’s teeth that cause its dullness. Removing these particles would increase the efficiency and capability of the blades to cut down harder particles. The salt will act as a sanitizer which will remove all odour-causing bacteria that causes the stinky smell.

3. Citrus peels

Spoiling citrus fruits such as limes, grapefruit, lemon and oranges don’t have to be thrown away. They can be used to disinfect your garbage disposal because their high acidity can kill odour-causing germs. They can disinfect the blades, the walls and the whole mechanism interior. Aside from that, deodorising your garbage disposal with the use of citrus will help you get rid of putrid smell until the next time you cook and use the garbage disposal mechanism. It will only release juicy citrus smells that would restore your family’s appetite.

4. Vinegar ice cubes (with citrus)

This time, you will make use of specialised ice cubes made up of vinegar with citrus peels. This would definitely be a good combination of deodorisers, garbage disposal cleaner and disinfectant. The vinegar ice cube will clean the blades from the stuck and pinned particles while the citrus will disinfect the mechanism by removing all the bacteria that causes the stinky smell.

5. Baking soda

Baking soda is always effective in deodorisation. You might have tried using this to deodorise your refrigerator and even your underarm. They can be used to deodorise drains as well. I bet it would work on your garbage disposal when it worked on all those things. You just have to pour baking soda on your kitchen sink and flush it down with water. Baking soda has a bicarbonate content that would best deodorise your garbage disposal.

6. Baking soda and vinegar

For a more effective deodorisation, you can combine baking soda and vinegar. Instead of using water to flush the baking soda down, you can use vinegar. This combination is best for slackening any stuck food particles that cause the smell.

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