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Clogged drains are just so frustrating and disheartening. Aside from the fact that it is costly and time consuming, it will also release foul odour that is lethal to our family’s health. But here’s some good news! This problem can be avoided and here are some tips that will help you free your drain and yourselves from this bane.

  1. Use a stainless strainer

Sink strainers or perforated sheets are used to filter undesirable debris from falling into your water system. These culprits include hair, soap and shampoo froth for bathroom drains, and food leftovers for sink drains.

  1. Run hot water on drains

Sink strainers can only prevent large solid particles from falling into your water system but not grease and fat as well as soap and shampoo scum. To avoid grease and fat build-ups on your pipe walls, run hot water once every few days to dissolve it before it completely clog your pipes.

  1. Check your bathtub stoppers often

When you take a bath, you unconsciously lose some strands of your hair, and what’s more disheartening is the idea that they are the most common reasons of clogging your bathroom drains. They tangle inside your pipelines and eventually block them. So it would be better to check drainage often for hair and soap residue build-ups and remove them with the help of bent wire hangers.

  1. Be careful of what goes down your kitchen sinks

Food leftovers, coffee grinds and grease should be kept away from your kitchen sinks. Strainers can’t prevent these particles from your water system and are the common culprits of drainage blocks. So it would be better to keep them away from your drainage and prevent them from entering your water pipes.

  1. Avoid the repeated use of chemical-based cleaners

Most people use chemical-based cleaners to keep them away from the nightmare of drain blockage. But these cleaners do not remove the entire clog causing you to repeatedly use these chemical solutions. The frequent use of these cleaners should be avoided because these mixtures can corrode the interiors of your metal pipes, they may possibly wear away your iron drainpipes and may cause leakage in your pipelines. Aside from that, these helps in bad bacteria build-ups that may cause blockage.

  1. Plumbing system should be regularly inspected

You can hire a professional plumber to check your plumbing system once every few months for prevention purposes. Preventing your plumbing system from possible problems would be less expensive than repairing them when they fail to work.

As many people say, prevention is better than cure. If you take care of your plumbing system, you’ll not only live a hassle-free life, you can also get rid of expensive plumbing services.

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