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8 Steps on How to Check Your Drains for Possible Blockages

blocked drains issuesEach drain pipe at home is connected to a main septic or sewer line since there are points where pipes or drain will be clogged. A blocked drain can become a big pain that should be dealt with properly. Failure to manage the issue may result in more serious situations with pipes down the line and there seems to be no clear methods to tell whether your drain is blocked. Finding the blockage is considered the most significant step in unblocking drain as it identifies the best cleaning method for your pipes. Follow the steps below so that any blockage in your drain will be cleared.

  1. Begin with your plumbing fixture found at the highest level of the plumbing system. Run water and find out if it clogs, which can be attributed to the trap or drain of the sink.
  2. Move to the next lowest fixture or sink. The easiest method in spotting a drain in your kitchen sink is to pay close attention on the speed of water flow. Let water in the sink run for few minutes. You are experiencing clog if the water starts to collect or when it is at slow pace without moving the drain downward.
  3. Check your shower drains or toilets. Both areas are considered as the ones that can easily have plumbing issues. Clog could possibly come from the branch line linking fixtures to the main pipe line if the drains are blocked.
  4. Use chemicals to fix clogged drains. Be careful in using chemicals for the clog because some of these agents may only cause more danger than good although many of them claim to unclog drains. This can be manifested by a clog that cannot be solved through simple chemicals for drain cleaning.
  5. It would be a good idea to call professionals to help you when water is not already draining.
  6. Prevent your toilet pipes from clogging by only flushing the proper items to be flushed. Items like tissues, baby wipes and tampons need to be disposed in the trash can, not down into your toilet. Some problems in your pipes can be huge that dealing with them can be very difficult, though some are straightforward. This can include improper draining of water in your tub or toilet.
  7. Any issue in your septic tank should not be solved on your own because improper may lead to further danger in the tank.
  8. Check the lowest point of your plumbing system. Clog in the sewer line or main stack may originate from backed up fixtures or clogged plumbing fixtures.

Never allow clogs ruin your pipes at home. It would be best to contact your trusted professional plumber upon noticing blockage in your pipes. This can be made possible and in the easiest way when you already know what to look for in getting proper help from the right professionals. The above-mentioned guidelines will help you make the whole process easy and very clear.

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