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Household_deodorisersA garbage disposal that emits a lingering foul odour is one of the most frustrating and unhygienic plumbing issues homeowners often complain about. The main culprit of all the troublesome stink is actually the growth of smelly bacteria from the food particles, grime, and residue lodged deep within the deep areas of the unit.

Although there are cleaners and decloggers available to the market, these chemicals are potentially caustic to your pipelines. For cheaper and safer alternatives, here are natural ways to effectively deodorise your smelly garbage disposals:

  1. Ice Cubes and Rock Salt
  2. Ice cubes and rock salt are one of the effective ways to deodorise your disposal. Just pour two cups of ice cubes and one cup of rock salt into your garbage disposal then run cold water over them. Turn on your garbage disposal and let it run for 10 to 15 seconds.  As the garbage disposal grinds the ice cubes and rock salt, it will dislodge any grime and debris accumulated in-between the blades or disposal walls. Aside from its extra scrubbing power, the salt will help disinfect while the ice will help sharpen the blades.
    When cleaning your garbage disposal, it is advisable to use cold water  to prevent the grease from congealing down the drain.

  3. Ice Cubes and Vinegar
  4. Vinegar can work with ice cubes to serve as a deodorising agent. Pour two cups of ice cubes and one cup of vinegar into your garbage disposal, run cold water over them and let the garbage disposal for 10-15 seconds.  Similar to the ice and rock salt, the  ice and vinegar act will  degunk  any bacteria and food particles  stuck within your unit.


  5. Baking Soda and Vinegar
  6. Another household remedy for stinky garbage disposal includes baking soda and vinegar. Just sprinkle one cup of baking soda and another cup of vinegar into the garbage disposal. A chemical reaction occurs which will help dissolve and disintegrate any odorous bacteria and food particles in the garbage disposal, especially in those areas that are hard to reach. Leave the mixture for five to ten minutes. Afterwards, switch on the disposal and let the water run to distribute the mixture throughout the unit.

  7. Citrus Fruits
  8. Any citrus peel would be an ideal way to deodorise your stinky garbage disposal. You can use the peels of oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits to remove the unpleasant odour. Just cut the peels into pieces that are small enough for the disposal to handle. Switch on the unit and run some water while the peels grind.

  9. Boiling Water
  10. Just simply pour boiling water into the disposal to help dislodge the grime, debris and food residues trapped in the unit.

  11. Dish soap and baking soda
  12. Maintain your drain by cleaning its splashguard and the crevices around the disposal. Scrub underneath the splashguard flaps by using a toothbrush and a dish soap or baking soda.

  13. Hot water and dish soap
  14. This is another simple remedy for the foul odour emitted by your unit. Just plug the disposal using the sink stopper and add a generous amount of detergent to the sink. Then, run hot water into the sink until it is at least halfway to the brim. Release the sink stopper while you simultaneously switch on the disposal and let the sink contents drain into the equipment as it runs. Through this method, you will fill the unit with soapy water to reach and  the top portions of the disposal.. It will freshen the disposal drain and loosen up the accumulated food particles and debris.

Sure enough, after doing one or a combination of these easy home remedies, your nose will thank you for effectively de-stinking your garbage disposals.

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