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The Mechanical Method of Cleaning Drains

drain-cleaning-286x300Anyone who owns a house knows that drains can become clogged, and for this reason, drain cleaning is a must-do task. This not only clears drains, as it also prevents major blockages, a difficult and costly matter to deal with. You can hire plumbers to clean drains for you, but if you prefer to use your money for worse plumbing issues instead, you can clean the drains yourself. Here are the steps to follow if you want to clean drains mechanically.


1. The first thing you need to do, of course, is to determine which drain is clogged. Observe which of the drains do not allow water to go down them immediately. Once clogged drains are identified, you can then proceed to the next step.


It is worth noting that if all drains, either in the home or in a certain section of the house, are clogged, then a reliable and skilled plumber from www.plumberbrookvale.com.au should be called immediately. This way, you avoid making the problem worse than it already is.


2. Next, acquire a manual or mechanical drain snake from a home improvement shop.

3. Use a pair of channel locks to take out the traps or clean-out plugs from the access point that is nearest to the clog.


4. Push the plumbing snake as deep into the drain as possible. If you are using a mechanical drill, switch its mechanism on or start cranking the knob at the rear portion of its metal drum.


5. Slowly push the auger further down the drain. If you perceive the snake to be stuck to something deep down the drain, pull back and try doing it again.


6. Continue feeding the snake down the clogged drain, making sure to set the clog free by repeatedly pulling the snake back slowly and pushing it back until the clog is loose. You will know that the clog is loose if you no longer feel the snake getting stuck in the drain when you push it down.


7. Depending on what kind of plumbing snake you are using, switch its mechanism off or stop cranking it. After which, store the snake body back inside the drum hosting.


8. The last step is checking that the pipe is free of any debris. To do this, have hot water run down the drain for ten minutes. If the hot water drains smoothly down the pipe, then you are done. Otherwise, repeat the entire process until you have cleared the drain pipe.


Mechanically cleaning clogged drains requires a significant amount of time and effort on your part.


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