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Sealants You Can Use for Sink Drains

It is important that the area between the sink surface and drain body is sealed properly, lest water leak out and start to drip under the sink. There are two kinds of sealants that installers and plumbers use for sink drains: silicone caulk and plumber’s putty. While some favour the former, others favour using the latter.

Highlighted below are the differences between the two sealants:

Plumber’s Putty
You can often find this material in small, medium, and large tubs and is almost like the moulding clay kids play with. It can be formed into different shapes and will dry and harden after a long time out of its container. Seals made of this material might fail if the putty applied becomes brittle and cracks, allowing water to go through the seal.

Using Putty in Installing a Sink Drain
When you have decided on using plumber’s putty to install a sink drain, the first thing you need to do is to wrap it around the opening of the sink drain before installing its body. To do this, roll the putty with your hands until it looks like long rope. Then wrap it around the opening of the drain, removing any excess material. Then place the drain body on top and tighten the nut at the bottom part of the drain.

When tightening the nut, some putty will squish out between the sink and drain. Scrape it off with a utility knife before it hardens.

Silicone Caulk
Silicone caulk comes in tubes. While some have to be placed on a caulk gun, others can be used right away. Silicone caulk is a colourless substance and takes on a fluid form the first time it comes out. After being exposed to the air for an hour, it will develop a ‘skin.’ Eventually, it will harden. Dried silicone caulk does not become brittle after some time.

Using Silicone Caulk in Installing a Sink Drain
To use silicone caulk to install a sink drain, you need to apply it to the drain opening or the underside of the drain. Like putty, excess silicone caulk might squeeze out as you secure the drain to the sink, and you should wipe it off before it hardens.

These are the sealants you can use to install a drain to the sink. When you install a drain or do other plumbing tasks, make sure to keep safety in mind at all times to avoid accidents. Also, keep your eyes on the job until it is finished.

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