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4 Basic Types of Water Softener

Plumberbrookvale water softner

Excessive minerals in our water don’t really cause a problem if you’re not that keen for your amenities physical appearance. However, as it hides in our facilities at home, over time it will malfunction until such time that inefficient.

Many would use a water softener to solve the problem, but, most of them would be confused because of it has different types. To enlighten you more about it, here are some of the time you can probably spot in your local store.

Salt-based ion exchange softener

For this kind of water softener, it rounds your supply of water through certain tanks. The first tank is filled with a unique resin while the other one is with brine. A salt-based water softener works well with the fundamentals of ion exchange process. With this unit, softening hard water in your home can be possible through having salt or sodium as a replacement for minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium.

The presence of these minerals can cause kitchen and bathroom aesthetic complications. The excessive mineral content stains plumbing fixtures that make it look immensely unhygienic. Two of the frequent solution for this dilemma is to set up a water softener or mix baking soda and vinegar.

Salt-free water softener

Rather than making use of salt, what this unit do is that it regenerates a substitute for sodium – potassium-chloride salt. For people who are concerned about their sodium intake, a salt-free water softener is the best unit for you.

On the other hand, its functions don’t totally soften the water and curtails a number of minerals, instead, it staves off the minerals from settling and turning into scales in our water.

The overall unanimity for this kind of appliance is that it’s better to have than not having at all. Although this kind of water treatment isn’t as efficient and effective as regular water softeners. Additionally, this is ideal and convenient for homes with compact spaces.

Dual-tank water softener

When dual tanks recharge, the appliance can be detached from the system so that becomes essentially inoperative. When recharge is required, most of the operation, regeneration cycle, begins during the evening.

If the interim of its charging procedure becomes a relevant matter, experts would endorse to utilised dual tank, along with are two tanks. The first tank is for the regeneration process while the other one is in use. Thus, there is a nonstop supply of softened water for your home. Due to high in demand, dual tank is available with varied sizes.

There are units that have valves that are fully controlled by a meter. The meter’s function is that when the unit begins backwashing one of the tanks, the meter alters the supply of water to the tank that ensures at least 21 gallons per minute. Tank capacities you find in the market ranges from 24,000- 40,000- and up to 110,000. With its varied storage size, the price also differs so before purchasing one, try to consider the number of family members you have.

Magnetic water softener or descaler

The descaler is known for its plug-in feature that is clipped to the pipe. What it does is that it alters the electromagnetic properties of the minerals so they are beaten back by pipes.
This type of water softener become famous because of its efficiency and its cheap cost and most importantly develops the quality of your water.

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