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4 Critical Safety Precautions To Observe For DIY Plumbing

diy plumbing

Don’t think for even a second that plumbing is just an easy job. Yes, you can do it without the help of professionals but you have a high potential of getting yourself in an accident. You might say, “I use gloves and all that jazz” but nothing beats a thorough safety precaution. The following are four critical safety tips that are needed to be observed when facing a plumbing crisis:


  • Sufficient Preparation.

The key to avoiding accidents is always be prepared. Adequate knowledge about what you are about to do can lessen the probabilities of setbacks. Whether your projects are either small or big, always check the plumbing and building codes. These may come in handy if emergencies break out. Prepare needed tools beforehand and arrange them neatly to avoid smashing into them that can lead to serious injuries. Read every label properly. Equipment instructions and warning labels are there for a reason – to protect you and to prevent hazards. Now, stop whining and start reading.


  • Proper Protection.

It is highly recommended for plumbers – or any other workers – to wear proper body protective gears when working or even just near the working vicinity. No matter how strong or healthy you think you are, your body may collapse at any time when the kind of work you have is taking its toll on you. There are specific protection for the following:

  • Eyes – To protect your eyes from dusts and other small objects, use safety glasses, goggles or face shields.
  • Handswear work gloves that are appropriate for the kind of plumbing you are doing. If dealing with drain machines, use latex gloves under a leather gloves. Rough rubber gloves are used when working with chemicals and a heavy-duty pair of gloves if you are doing some smoldering. When working with hot pipes, wear heat-insulating gloves.
  • Footwear – our feet are very important among our other body parts. They are responsible for taking us where we want to go and supporting our bodies to lift heavy objects. So it is only proper to protect your feet. Use an appropriate pair of shoes when working. You might accidentally step into some tools that are lying around.
  • Headgear –  wear hard hats or any other head coverings that can protect you from bumping your head while working.
  • Lungs – foul odours and dust can cause a malfunction in the lungs. Use face masks but if you are working with chemicals, respirators come in handy.
  • Ears – Our eardrums are very sensitive and in order to protect them from very loud noises while working, wear earplugs. They muffle the sounds to a minimum and help you focus on the task at hand.
  • Body – Long pants and sleeved shirts are preferred when working. They protect you from harmful chemicals and dirty water and hinders direct contact with your skin.


  • Undivided Attention.

People that lack concentration on the task at hand are prone to accidents. You may say that you have a very short attention span but you have to at least try focusing on what you are currently doing. Sure, you can chitchat with a colleague but don’t lose focus on your task. Do not jump into panic if you mistakenly did something. Figure out what happened immediately and work on solving it.


  • Proper Tool Usage.

Know your tools – their uses, functions and usage. Using the wrong tools in the wrong job can only lead to difficulty on your part. The broken pipes and hammers won’t complain if they’re not compatible – you are! You’re not only risking your safety but you’ll be also doing more damage to your home. Just imagine the bills piling up!

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