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4 Main Causes of Burst Pipes

Plumberbrookvale Burst Pipe

Typically, homeowners claim that they have no idea why pipe burst suddenly happened. However, two main reasons are lack of maintenance and prepare care the pipeline system. Negligence to the amenity motivates FOG substances et cetera to cause further damage to it.
The aim of this article is to explain the reasons why pipes burst. Also, here are some helpful tips that you can do to avoid the situation from happening:

Tree roots

Whatever season it may be, tree roots will always crawl beneath our pipelines and penetrate inside. This dilemma is a headache every homeowners due to the fact that when tree roots are removed in the pipeline, it will take an amount of time to regrow, penetrate, block the pipeline and worse, the pipe will burst due to haywire growth of the roots.

Typically, the problem is resolved through using mechanical tools such as cutter and water jetters. Also, CCTV inspection should be conducted to ensure that the condition of your pipeline is stable and away from any problem.

Collapsed pipe

This is usually occurs due to unanticipated environmental alterations. When the weight of the soil, the poisonous substances and pressure that comes from your water supply changes, it contributes to the structural integrity of the pipe that sometimes results to bursting. Other factors that affects your pipe is corrosion, root intrusion and the build-up inside.


When frost season arrives, it is inevitable that some of our pipes are not well-insulated. So, frozen pipes are expected after winter. The pipes that are greatly affected by the winter are those pipes that are situated outside your house. Further problem arises, such as burst pipe, when pipes aren’t well-maintained. Thus, it indicates money and effort for a pipe replacement.

Because of the winter season, undrained water will freeze inside the pipeline causing the pipes to expand. As the pipe bursts, what is being greatly damage is the foundation of the building and the structural integrity of the pipes.

Water pressure

Most of the burst pipe situations we experience at home have something to do with the water pressure in our respective homes. Although having a substantial water pressure makes our bath satisfying, it becomes a headache when there is a blockage within our pipe system. The blockages doesn’t allot the upcoming water to pass through, thus, it seeks a passage where it can escape, however, if there is none, the water pressure widens the width of the pipe up until it burst. With that happens, uncontrollable flow of water escapes that leads to a high volume of water consumption.

Any complications pertinent to water pressure can be detected when and if you notice that the pressure of water is too low. Everyone should be cautious to the warning our plumbing amenities would give us because it will aid us from locating the problem and fixing it before it’s too late. One of the signs that you have water pressure at home is the gurgling sounds you hear within the pipe.

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