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5 Types of Hose Bibs

Plumberbrookvale hose bibs

Hose bibs are the threaded taps placed outside our homes which our house is being fastened to be utilised for washing, and watering yards and lawns. On the other, this bib comes in varied forms that are devised for different applications. It is relevant for us to know these types and the advantages its offers to us. Also, by knowing it, you will also identify which hose bib is suitable for your home.

Frost Free Hose Bibs

The frost free hose bib is typically used by homeowners on places that experience winter seasons where the temperatures drop to sub-zero. This kind of bibs can be found on external spigots. It is also suitable for winter seasons because it has the capability to takes out the prerequisites during cold seasons such as switching off the tap. When winter season is going on in your area, and not having a frost free hose bib will jeopardise your hoses when the stagnant water in the hose wasn’t drained and freezes. After the winter and after checking your hoses, you will find out that will have to spend money and purchase new bibs for the external spigot. This situation can be avoided by opting frost free hose bibs for your home.

Old School Hose Bibs

This is one of the most traditional designs and models of hose bibs. Most of the time, traditional hose bibs can be found old homes without specific features to determine from other designs. In contrast to the frost free hose bib, this type of bib is not suitable for areas with cold temperatures because it will need turning off and draining the stagnant water from an external hose. Additionally, your hose needs to be insulated to keep your hose from freezing. Since this isn’t suitable for cold seasons, obviously, this bib can be utilised for areas with warm seasons.

Loose Key Hose Bibs

One of the features for this kind of bib is that it has a loose key that provides it with the capability to unfasten when not in used. This is the best bib for homes with a lot of taps or outdoor tap users. Unfastening it would indicate that they don’t permit anybody to use the tap, thus, they need your consent. If there is any failure with your fixture, you can identify who damaged it and you will also distinguish who will carry on the cost of repairing the damaged.

Round Plastic Hose Bibs

This type of bib can come in handy when your water tank needs a maintenance, repair or cleaning. Also, it is very convenient because it can be dismantled without difficulty. This can also be utilised in water heater bib, so if you want this for your unit, then just simply turn and pull it a little to dismantle the bib.

Knobbed Hose Bibs

Similar to round plastic hose bib, this is the type of bib is also suitable for water heaters. When cleaning the tank, knobbed hose bib lets an easy draining. However, what makes different from other bib is that it can’t be dismantled easily because it needs a wrench to do.

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