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5 Ways to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems at Home

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Having plumbing problems can take up most of your time. Imagine finally having the weekend to relax but the old pipe in your front lawn decides to become a sprinkler and try to create the mother of all water puddles or the drain stops working so you now have a cost-free indoor pool. Quay West Suites feels! These problems are avoidable given that you know how to prevent them.

1. Lowering Water Pressure

High water pressure stress your plumbing system and make the risk or pipe leak and breakage higher. The lifespan of your plumbing fixtures are directly affected by the pressure of water running inside them. The normal water pressure is around 40-50 pounds per square inch (PSI). To get your water pressure under control, consider investing on a water pressure regulator. This will save you a lot of money in the future

2. Perfectly Conditioned Plumbing Fixtures

Constant maintenance and routine checks will help you make sure the your plumbing system is in perfect working condition. Keeping a timetable on when to clean and replace plumbing equipment is a good way to keep track of what’s happening with those pipes. Making it a hobby to clean your pipelines, water supply lines and sewer pipes will give you a good plumbing system.

3. Top-line Plumbing Fixtures

Making sure that you have the best working fixtures capable to handle your plumbing needs is a good way to start. Planning and doing research on the best products touse is the way to do this. The best fixtures usually come at a price but if you have the money to spare then why not go the extra mile to ensure the effectivity of your plumbing system for your own convenience?

4. Install “Default” Fixtures

When I say “default” fixtures, I mean shut-off valves and regulating valves. These are mechanisms that will put possible disasters under control in an instant. For instance,when your pipe gets a crack and starts leaking, closing the shut-off valve will immediately stop the water flow preventing your floor from looking like an indoor pool.

5. Have A Plumbing Service Number At Hand

When plumbing problems become full-blown disasters, call the professionals! While most problems are easy to fix, there are certain damages that are best left for theprofessionals. When this happens, contact 800-552-758 for round-the-clockassistance you can trust.

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