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6 Effective Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

plumbing maintenance

Winter does not only bring cold temperature to your place, it brings trouble to your plumbing system as well. Destruction of plumbing facilities would invite costly repairs and even brand new replacements. In order to avoid plumbing issues, such as pipe leaks, broken or cracked pipes and glacial early morning bath, make sure to prepare your plumbing facilities for the coming cold season. Here are some tips you can do to get ready for winter without losing even a single percentage of your home’s value.


  • Insulate plumbing mechanisms

During winter season, water inside uninsulated tube easily freezes. When water freezes, it would then expand causing pipes to leak or burst. When you don’t notice it at all, it may cause more serious issues to your plumbing system and home. To protect your pipes from freezing, insulate your pipes by wrapping them with foam blanket or side-slitted foam tubes accessible on many hardware and home improvement stores. This will help prevent water inside your pipes from freezing thus, reduces the risk of pipe bursts.


  • Give immediate remedy to pipe leaks

When you ignore leaks, you might never notice that it is getting worse. So, as soon as you notice them, fix them before it is completely blown out. When winter comes, moistures coming from your leaky pipes and dripping taps might be frozen, thus when it expands, it might cause the leak to grow bigger and harder to repair.


  • Prevent frozen outdoor pipes

Your outdoor hose may still contain water within it even if it is not currently used. When left out during winter season, water contained by the hose may freeze. This will then cause leaks and breakage on your hose and would definitely demand brand new units for installation. To lengthen you hose’s service time for a few years, disconnecting it from outdoor pipes, wrapping it up and packing it would be rather practical because disconnecting would be your best winter preparation for outdoor plumbing facilities.


  • Close shut-off valves and drain outdoor pipes

Outdoor pipes and taps would leak if the contained water inside it will freeze during winter season. To avoid that disaster, make sure to turn off the shut-off valves connected to your pipes and taps outdoors and drain all the remaining water.


  • Clean your home’s sump pump pit

Before winter reaches, make sure to clean and inspect your sump pump and the pit it is located because when sump pumps are exposed to excessive cold temperature, it might stop its service time. When sump pumps do not function as expected, floods will devour your basement which is definitely a horrible nightmare.


  • Run water often

During winter season, make it a habit to run all your taps at home for at least 10 seconds at a specific time interval. This will help avoid freezing especially on pipelines where water is not of excessive demand. If you notice sudden water pressure drop or water loss, inspect right away to give instant remedy. This might be caused by frozen water inside your water lines that hinders the water flow.

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