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The Dangers of Extremely High Water Pressure

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A lot of people would think the numerous benefits high water pressure can give to them. Benefits such as it fill your tub quickly, immediately fills your kettles or even your water tanks. However, what most of the people thought is wrong. For high pressure could be one of the main reasons for the emergence of varied plumbing problems at your home. The following factors are the variables that occur when there is too much water pressure in your home:
Water Wastage

If a regular household use the maximum suggested water pressure, they would conserve around 30-000 to 40 000 gallons of water yearly. Note that the lower the amount of pressure in your water, the lesser the amount of water that will flow through your showers, taps and other fixtures where water comes out. The good thing about shifting from 100 psi to the recommended water pressure will take us from benefits such , as mentioned for the second time, saving water consumption which leads to reduced water bill.
Water Hammer

If you don’t know what water hammer is, it is the noise that you hear when the water that has been flowing at an excessively high speed just abruptly stopped. Under high pressure, the flow of water becomes unequal.

When the water flowing from high speed bangs on unexpected valves, it creates a banging sound that can be very annoying most especially at night. Since water is a known dynamic liquid that contains mass, the hammer effect occurs when it stops, elevating the force over the static pressure.

The situation can be compared to a hammer that applies force when it meets the nail. The hammer effect of the high pressure mostly leads to leaks on pipe valves and damage pipe joints. To avoid this, it is best to follow the suggested water pressure in your local area where the water can flow properly and evenly.
Pipe Leaks

As mentioned in the last part, when there is too much pressure it definitely harms your pipes and other fixtures in your home such as taps and shower heads. Also, the fixtures mentioned could leak or worse, burst. When these leaks happen, it would be very costly on your part since you have to purchase damaged parts and pay your local plumber for its installation process. Also, because of the fixtures being damaged, it is possible that your damaged taps would keep flowing water which leads to excessive water consumption.

Note that the leaks can be mended however because of the pressure, the life expectancy of your fixtures have decreased.
Dear Bills and Costly Replacements

If the high pressure has been neglected by homeowners, the pressure increases the tear and wears off of your fixtures. Chances are, effort, plumbing service and money is required for important repair and replacement operations for your hot water heater or dishwashers that will cost more than what you expected.

Also, because of the high pressure, water consumption increases to a point that it could be a factor to your increased water bill.

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