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How to Remove Bathroom Odours

Untitled-1Keeping your bathroom clean doesn’t just include sanitising the bathroom, and scrubbing the floors and walls, it also involves in making sure there are no awful odours that grip the air. There many reasons why a bathroom has a foul stench such as moulds, clogged pipes, no ventilation, etc. Fortunately, you can eliminate the smells with a few but effective methods. Here’s the guide on how to remove bathroom odours!

Invest on a Effective Ventilation System

If you don’t have solid ventilation then you’re missing out a lot when it comes to bathroom care. With the help of an exhaust fan, the smell in your bathroom can be easily eliminated, as well as the excess moisture. Using the ventilation system after utilising the toilet is a great practice, but it’s also highly recommended to use the exhaust fans after you’re done with your hot shower. This is because the warm air and humidity can lead to a mildew infestation. Lastly, when you’re purchasing an exhaust fan, ask the seller if it produces low noise since there are some units that are quite loud when operating.

Place Desiccants

Bathroom smells doesn’t just come from toilets but mildew as well. If you’re having trouble with these fungi then you might want to place desiccants. What is a desiccant? It’s basically a dry substance that has the ability to soak up water. Perhaps the most popular desiccants available in the market are silica gels. You do need to be careful when you have kids and pets in your house since they may attempt to swallow desiccants. If this material is swallowed, it can cause lethal poisoning.

Odour Eliminators

Most people use air fresheners to hide the smell, but it’s just a short and temporary fix. Sometimes it even mixes with the stench and creates a noxious smell. What you need is a spray that is specifically designed to get rid of bathroom stenches, which is why using an ‘odour eliminator’ is recommended. The key difference between odour eliminators and air fresheners is that the latter just covers the smell, while the former actually counteracts the odour. Not all odour eliminators are the same so you may need to do a bit of research to find the brands that have the best quality.

In case the odour eliminators are ineffective, you may need to make use of a strong homemade spray. Just mix three portions of water, one portion of vodka, and 20 drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil. It may sound like you’re making a mixed drink but it’s actually quite efficient in dealing with foul stenches. The downside with this spray is that it can leave a strong alcohol smell. If this mixture produces a strong alcohol smell, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda to the original mixture.

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers basically function as a mini ventilation system. It’s simple a plug-in appliance that helps disseminate air while removing odour. Prices vary per brand but it’s always a good idea to invest in first-rate equipment. However, small-scale air purifiers may be more practical for small bathrooms.

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