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Plumbing Emergency in Brookvale

Emergency-Plumbing-RepairsRose could smell gas wafting through the house. It was unpleasant, sickening even. She put her plate down and tracked the stench down with her nose. It was hard at first, to tell which room it was coming from, until she reached the kitchen. It was overpowering! This could have only just happened; Rose had been in here barely two hours ago to make lunch! Surely this smell had been accumulating for much longer than that! Especially judging by how strong it was! She looked up the number for her local Brookvale Plumber and almost begged him to get there that day, even though it was a Sunday and he probably wasn’t working.

Rose was in luck, her local Plumber also dealt with emergencies. He was able to get there quickly to investigate the problem with her gas in the kitchen. The Brookvale Plumber inspected her gas appliances and swiftly found the problem. But just to make sure, he performed a bubble test on the suspected line to ensure there was only one damaged section. The test came back with his initial conclusion. A connection at the back of the stove had split. It was a simple repair, he assured her. The Brookvale Plumber isolated gas to the home before proceeding. He pulled out the stove to give him some space to switch the damaged connection for a new one. Once done, he then tested the connection to make sure it was sealed. The problem was solved!

Do you have a plumbing emergency you need looked at immediately? Call your local Brookvale Plumber now on 0488 886 241 !

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Emergency Plumbing Rooter

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