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Hot Water Issues in Brookvale

hot-water rhainaiAmanda kicked her hot water tank in frustration. She did not need this kind of stress right now! Her daughter was going through her HSC, her husband away on business for the week, her son was out there somewhere up to who knows what and the car rego had just come in. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. The hot water system had stopped working. It wasn’t a big problem. All she had to do was call a Plumber.

Amanda looked online for a local Plumber who could get there relatively quickly. She was in luck with the first number she called. That afternoon there was a Plumber on her doorstep, neatly dressed and all smiles. He tested a couple of taps and checked the hot water system. There was a problem, but he could fix it. The Plumber provided Amanda with options and prices. The Universal Controller on her gas hot water tank had failed. As the name implied, it controlled the tank and without it, the tank no longer worked. The price was fair and the Plumber had been happy to update Amanda on what he had been doing so far. She agreed to the work. The Plumber set to work, installing the new controller.

He was finished in what felt like no time. He reset the tank and let it begin to heat, ensuring the pilot light was on before he left. The service had been so … easy! Amanda was amazed at the lack of stress. He had been nice and friendly, helpful as well! He even cleaned up after himself and hadn’t trekked in any dirt onto her carpet!

Do you have an issue with your hot water system? Call your local Brookvale Plumber on 0488 886 241 !

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