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6 Different Types of Solar Hot Water System

Plumberbrookvale Active Water Heater System

Hot water systems are now widely used. There are a lot of types of hot water systems that are available now in the market. However, most environmentalists would suggest a water heater that is environment-friendly. This is to cause less harm to our environment. They would highly recommend home owners to use a hot water system that is powered by the solar energy. A solar hot water system is composed of various types. This type of system gives you numerous advantages. It would be a great choice if you choose a solar powered hot water system as it could give countless benefits to you, your family, your community and your ecosystem. Listed below are the different types of a solar hot water system. Let’s get to know each type and determine which type best suits you.
1. Active Water Heater System

An active water heater either heats air or fluid through the use of sunlight or converts the heated water to storage for succeeding use. If the sunlight fails to provide an adequate energy to heat the water, it would be necessary to provide a backup device for additional heat.
2. Direct Circulation System

This type of hot water system produces hot water on sunny days and it avoids freeze up by simply re-circulating the hot water that is generated. This type of system is best suited for countries that rarely experiences the cold season. This is basically for the system to have an ample time to produce hot water for the recirculation.
3. Indirect Circulation System

Indirect circulation system uses 80-90 per cent of the heat exchanger. There is a close loop found between your solar collector and your storage tank. The water temperature increases to a high level while it is transported into the storage and into the array. However, this type of water heater is expensive and is basically less effective.
4. Passive Water Heater System

This type of water heater system can execute the whole water heating process without the help of the weather. It does not basically depend on the power of the electricity as it can support itself. This system is commonly used in areas without freeze-protection issues.
5. Integral Connector Storage System

An integral connector storage system is basically known as a breadbox system as the cold water flows into a collector which is located on the rooftop. It usually looks like a flat box. The tasks are mostly performed through the sun. The water is heated on the rooftop where it has a direct contact with the sun’s heat energy. It will then be converted into a conventional water heater.
6. Thermosyphon System

This type of hot water system utilises the principle that a hot water will stay on top while the cold water will remain at the bottom. Since the water is circulating in a continuous loop, the water will be heated again on the daylight. The hot water which is generated will flow into an insulated hot water storage that is ready to be used.

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