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9 Main Components of a Solar Water Heater

Plumberbrookvale Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is a type of heater that gathers heat and coverts it into energy. The aforementioned is highly efficient and eco-friendly since it doesn’t cost you fuel when operating it. Aside from that, you electricity bill will also drop just buying this. All of these advantages we get from solar water heater wouldn’t be possible without the help of the components that is working effectively in order to provide the service we need.

Here are the main components of a solar-type water heater:

Solar collector

What the solar collector does is gather heat emitted from the sun as its source of energy. Solar water heaters are powered by the sunlight and it’s very important for the collector to gather as much heat and convert it to energy in order to heat your water for different purposes. This component is usually found at the top of a household roof in order to easily gather sunlight.

Heat exchanger

This component is directly attached to the solar collector through a pipe loop. The heat exchanger is usually spotted within hot water storage. This part actually executes the heating process by turning the collected sunlight into an energy that would make the heating procedure possible. The heat exchanger has anti-freeze intended for areas with cold temperature to avoid in freezing the water.

Hot water storage tank

This component is used to store hot water. The tank will be provided with cold water and it will be the one to heat the water in order to be used in cooking and other household chores. Hot water storage tank has several of sizes that can store either small or large volumes of water.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors monitor the temperature of the solar collectors and of the water tank just to ensure that the water heating process will be successful by the used temperature level. Furthermore, the component also communicates with the solar controller module.

Solar controller module

This component manages the circulation of water between the solar connectors and the hot water tank. Circulation will be permitted if there will be an enough temperature that could heat the water. This is just to ensure that the unit heats the water instead of cooling them when the temperature is inefficient.

Circular pump

This lets the water move from the water storage tank up into the solar connectors. On the other hand, the circular pump is managed by solar controller module. If there is no adequate temperature in order to make the heating process possible, there will be no circulation that’ll take place.

Expansion tank

If the temperature of the water elevates in the water heating system, pressure will increase as well. In this situation, the expansion tank will be the one to absorb the pressure within in order to avoid the possibilities of water heater explosion.

Air vent valve

Air vent valve is for the piping to be secured from being air bound. It purpose is to eliminate an amount of air that is present in the circulation loop.

Pressure and temperature relief valve

This valve can always be found in the heater for safety purposes. T&P valve will free the excess pressure in the water heater to avoid the chances of the explosion. One of the components that should always be maintained is this one due to its great help it provides with regards to the excess pressure.

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