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The Chief Culprits Why Water Heaters Do Not Last Long

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Homeowners invest on water heaters since they are domestic devices that can surely provide relief and convenience. Standard models usually have a 10-15 service lifespan while other tankless heaters are guaranteed to reach up to two decades.

Despite their long-lasting serviceability, there are some households whose water heaters do not reach the full limit of their lifespan due to several factors. This article highlights the chief culprits on why water heating systems do not last long enough. Use this guide to help you observe the proper maintenance of your sewer system.


Sediment Build-up

For storage water heaters, the most common agent for their damage is the sediment build-up. Some homeowners pay little or no attention to the removal of sediments that settled at the bottom of their tanks. The sediment build-up that is normally produced by hard water (water with high mineral content) that is heated. As the sediments absorb the heat from the device, the heated water becomes cold. Moreover, as the sediments reach a certain level of intense heat, the bottom lid of the tank tends to get damaged. As a result, some homeowners report of having storage tanks with busted bottom parts and have water and sediments leaking all over the area.


Uninhibited Rusting & Corrosion

The internal parts of your water heating system are vulnerable to rusting since they are submerged in water almost all their service lifespan. To deter such problem, you must place a sacrificial anode rod inside your tank. This will absorb all the rust in the heating tank and will spare the integral components of your heater. However, you must also check on your anode rod and replace it if it gives in to the rusting after a definite time. Leaving corroded anode rods in your tanks would cause a disaster since it will expose the other parts to rusts and will greatly cut down the service lifespan of your water heater.


Negligent or no maintenance at all

Negligent homeowners who complacently disregard the maintenance of their heater cause the failure of their units. Remember that maintenance is key in thwarting off heating issues, especially when it comes to storage-type units since it typically has a lot of components. You see, when a water heater contains several mechanisms, it is more vulnerable to failure or not reaching its lifespan. If a water heater has poor or no maintenance at all, the integral components will start to deteriorate and degrade until they trigger the breakdown of the device.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the proper maintenance of your heater. Each type of model requires distinct ways of upkeep. Also, do not play complacency in the scheduled inspections of your device.


High Water Pressure

High water pressure does not only present challenges to your taps and pipes but as well as to your water heater. It wrecks havoc as it travels from your heating system to your pipes down to the designated plumbing fixture where the water is released. Make sure to adjust the PRV so as to set your water pressure appropriately. If this does not help, contact a professional plumber to help you.

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