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Stop the Leakage

water heater pressure relief valve leakingA leaking water heater can become a major problem once it happens. This is because it may ruin some of your important items and this may be disastrous. A leakage can be identified once your water heater starts dripping water continuously and heats up. It can be confusing to tell a part condensation and water leakage in your water heater.

The following steps can be followed to detect a leakage in a water heater.

1. Finding the source of the leakage. The source could be either furnace drain lines, discharge lines or a problem arising from wrong procedures in plumbing

2. Turning of your power source. This is very important since electricity contact with water may be extremely dangerous.

3. Turn off the water supply. This is important because any contact with the water may really injure you. This is because the water was heating at very high temperatures and my burn you.

4. You should identify the exact place the leak is coming from After doing this, it is possible for you to start the process of fixing your heater. You can either do it yourself or have a plumber do it depending on the extent of the damage causing the leaking. There can be many things causing leakage. They include:

1. Corrosion of the storage tank

2. The heating element. If this is the cause, you need to replace it with a new one.

3. Leakage in the inlet and outlet parts. This can be as a result of faulty plumbing. You may require a different plumber to do it for you.

4. Over heating or excessive pressure of the relief valve. This can be done by reducing the thermostat setting and does not require a plumber.

Fixing your leakage stops the problem although in some cases it may arise again if the leak was not well fixed.

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