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Tankless System as a Best Alternative for Tank Water Heaters

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Many homeowners decide to move to a tankless hot water system from the traditional hot water system as a way to save money. Tankless hot water system has come a long way after they were first introduced and currently capable to supply hot water for the entire home.

Traditional hot water system is not efficient compared to tankless

The conventional hot water system can lose heat by the sides of the tank, making it inefficient. A significant amount of heat inside the tank can spread over time if it is not well insulated. This results to a waste in fuel to maintain heat while the water is waiting to be used. A tank might become less effective in heating water over time, taking more fuel just to heat similar amount of water. Constant and longer heating leads to increased energy costs, something you don’t want to deal with.

Hot water tanks can develop leakage, which can give you a big problem because the water can cause a major damage before it is being noticed.

How tankless hot water systems work

A tankless hot water system is undoubtedly more energy efficient compared to traditional hot water system. The traditional hot water system needs a large storage tank to store water at a specific temperature. Energy is disbursed to bring water back to its temperature, every time the temperature of the water drops.

A tankless water heater works through a temperature sensor that will determine when the water has to be heated, using a standard system. A tankless system only needs to turn on the hot water tap as a signal for the unit to start heating the water. It is almost impossible that you will run out of hot water as the water is continuously heated. Tankless hot water systems can be used to offer hot water for a particular tap or to offer hot water to be used for the entire home. Electric burners use electricity to heat the water, while natural gas burners are to be used for natural gas models in heating water.

Tankless hot water systems are regarded to be environment friendly as they use less energy compared to traditional system. These systems require less energy in heating water, rather than burning fuel in order to heat large volume of water.

Choosing a tankless hot water system

The size of the household should be considered when determining whether the traditional or tankless hot water system is right for you. A large household will require the use of traditional type because using multiple faucets may need more than one heating system. However, current models enable to make a higher flow rate compared to older models.

A whole home system type of tankless hot water system can supply your home with heated water to all available faucets. An individual heater can be placed in a specific room or on a single appliance. Also, two systems can be installed side by side.

Asking from a qualified installation expert is helpful if you are considering using a tankless system. They will also help you in determining the type of flow rate and the specific model of tankless system that meet your needs.

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