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Top 3 Causes of a Water Heater Explosion

damaged-water-heaterWhen owning a water heater unit, one of the predicaments that we want to avoid from happening is a unit explosion. With this kind of event, it will surely turn your household into rubble. Since our heater are just placed on the corner of the basement, you didn’t probably notice that your unit is already on its edge. That’s why it’s really important for us to conduct a maintenance in order to notice factors that could result in a disastrous explosion. To give you an advance knowledge about the subject, here are the top 3 reasons why water explosion occurs:

Improper installation 

The risk of hiring unlicensed plumbers is that the water heater unit might be improper installed and may be the reason why it malfunctions most of the time. Same thing happens when you try to do it yourself. When dealing with installation procedures, it’s best let skilled and licensed plumbers to do the job or else, the chances of the explosion through heater failure is higher. If you want to ensure the welfare of your household, here are some signs that your water heater isn’t installed properly:

• Most of the fitting are soldered. Usually, this is the common mistake people commit when they D-I-Y it. When the fittings are soldered, plastic components might melt if the heat is applied to the top part of the appliance. On the other hand, once these components melted, it’s will cause a series of unit failures any time soon.

• When the controls of the unit aren’t properly installed.

• When water corrosion is present, this could precipitate to gas leaks or an electrical shortage.

Conduct a regular maintenance inspection

Whatever it is in your plumbing system, it should always be maintained in order to keep its good condition. Same things go to your water heater unit. There are times that the water coming from the water supplier make come along with residuals either in sand or silt. Due to its heavy weight, these residuals will gradually end up on the base of the tank unit. This is only one the reasons why you should conduct a maintenance. By using the drain valve, you can flush out sediments and residuals that hinder the burner of the unit from heating the water. However, if the burner fails to perform its function, the unit itself will overheat resulting in a massive explosion not just to the unit but possibly to the entire household.

Damaged pressure relief valve

When the pressure builds up faster compared to the release valve, this will cause the unit to explode. Typically, this kind of predicament happens when there is an excessive temperature. As a solution, ensure that you set the heater unit in the recommended temperature range. This will help you avert from any kind of explosion. Actually, the pressure relief valve is a security component utilized to unlock if the temperature in the heater unit exceeds 210 degrees Fahrenheit or if the pressure within extends to 50 lbs PSI.

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