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Plumber Brookvale Pipe Relining

Clogged drains and root intrusion

Traditional Australian households have been known for drainage clogging issues due to root intrusion. Why so? These old households are built with earthenware pipes that are moisture heavy and very attractive to tree roots. Root growth inside these pipes rapidly fills up the entire pipeline space. No wonder we experience the following common observations:

  • A foul odour emitted from drains
  • Water taking time to drain down your sink
  • Recurrent need to call your plumber to clear out clogs
  • Gurgling sound from your toilet bowl
  • Water accumulating around your drainage outlets

What do we do when your old-fashioned excavations and periodic band-aid solutions no longer work? We look for a one-time permanent solution – pipe relining technology.

What is pipe relining technology?

Pipe relining technology is the introduction of a new pipeline within the old pipeline. This is called a Cure-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Relining. It is the most efficient one time solution to those earthenware pipes that need replacement without having to actually doing excavations. An effective method employed by our company is by means of the Inversion Method.

Inversion Method CIPP

Using this method, a liner that is turned inside-out using either a column of water or pressurized air is introduced into the host pipe (earthenware pipe). The liner runs its way to the length of the host pipe along with the resin. The new material is molded as the new interior pipe.

Here are the simple steps of CIPP by the Inversion Method:

    A) Drainage unclogging

    Aside from the roots, the usual debris discharged from households such as fats, oil, grease, grit, and the like in the sewer pipeline are cleared out by water pressure or hydro jetting.

    B) Inspection

    A video inspection via closed-circuit-television is run through the pipeline to determine the length of the pipe lining to be introduced, as well as the extent of the damage along the pipeline.

    C) Relining

    A special fabric tube made of polyester or other materials suitable for resin impregnation is pulled into the broken pipe along with the epoxy resin. With air pressure, the tube is inflated until the resins harden.

    D) Curing

    To cure the resin, hot water or steam is utilised. This forms a seamless and tight-fitting replacement pipeline. This process will take at least 2-4 hours depending on the pipe diameter, length and curing system.

    E) Quality inspection

    To ensure the quality and integrity of the newly built inner pipeline, a post-video inspection is conducted.

Why opt for pipe-relining?

Pipe relining technology does away with the uncertainties of doing excavations and messiness of rebuilding your pipeline as is the case with older methods of sewer repairs. As the technology is precise, the time consumed is minimal compared to full blown excavations. The curing of the new pipe relining itself only takes at least 2-4 hours. Pipe relining is therefore:

    ✔ A less disruptive method

    ✔ More convenient, and

    ✔ Less time-consuming

What’s more, pipe relining is a sound one-off expense because the new pipe relining becomes your stand-alone pipe, regardless of the pre-existing defects in your old-pipeline system. Also, your new pipeline is warranted to be functional for up to 50 years or more. It is indeed a wise money investment that lasts a lifetime.

We would be glad to assist with your inquiries and other concerns at any time. Call us now on 0488 886 241.

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