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3 Major Signs that Your Sewer Pipes Need to be Rehabilitated

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You should always be aware of what is going on with your sewer pipes. They are either on walls or buried underneath which makes them hard to be noticed if they have holes the size of a pin. Even if you have pipes that were made of the highest calibre, it cannot be helped that they wear down or get damaged as moments pass by. That is why you have to be mindful of the 3 major signs that indicate your sewer lines need to be rehabilitated as soon as possible.

1. Your drains get clogged more often.

By the time your drains get clogged more often, it is a definite sign that you have a problem in your sewer pipes. Since most sewer pipes are buried below the ground (have you noticed one hanged on walls?), we cannot easily spot the issues that have sprouted from the ground up – literally. Once you recognise that your fixtures and drains are acting weirdly like, spouting wastewater off, check them if they have something solid inside them that they cannot drain or flush down immediately. However, if there aren’t items in the drainage pipes, then the problem is in the sewer pipes. Once these items get entangled with each other, they could form a blockage. If a simple DIY unclogging remedy won’t work, then phone a plumber. They can inspect the extent of the damage in your pipes to determine the right solution for it.

2. Your vegetation is growing even though there is no irrigation or rain.

Did you ever wonder why your vegetation keeps on growing even though you don’t regularly supply it with water? The vegetation we are pertaining to is located in your lawns and backyards. It does not necessarily pertain to the vegetables that you grow in your backyards, although they could also be affected. If their roots are able to reach your sewer lines, then they can get their uninterrupted supply of water that they could use for nourishment. And as they drink to themselves happily, they will attach themselves to the lines. Later on, the roots will invade the lines to get more water. Once the pipes can no longer bear the pressure from the roots, they will collapse.

3. Your pipes are way past their lifespan.

Aged pipelines are prone to damages and leaks. This is because, by the time they have reached their full potential in safeguarding the wastewater from flowing out into the open, they have also encountered other issues that have added up to the pressure they are carrying. So, you better take a look on when your pipes were manufactured as to not make matters worse.

If any of these signs is prominent in your household, make certain that you contact a plumbing expert urgently. A delay in solving these kinds of issues can be a danger to your family and your household will also suffer the consequences.

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