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3 Ways to Make Your Sewer Pipes Resistant to Root Intrusion

plumberbrookvale tree-root-intrusionAre you one of those people who just love to have green scenery in their backyard or even in their lawns? Although most of us are not green-fingered, we still like to see plants and trees growing near our homes. Trees are good for us living things as they give off oxygen that we need so that we can breathe properly. Although trees are beneficial health-wise, they can also destroy one of the useful components of a house, the pipes. That is why you have to perform one of the following ways provided below if you want to save your pipes from the harsh effects of tree roots intrusion and to make them repellent of them.

1. Barricade your pipelines with wood or metal fences around them.

Your pipes are delicate things even though they were manufactured with a guarantee that they are durable and long-lasting. But an incessant attack from the roots can make them lose their strength and willpower to stay indestructible. So, in order to protect your pipes from root intrusions, barricade them. Barricading the pipes with either wood or metal fences can help minimise the damage that roots can impose to your pipes. To make your underground fence more durable, you can apply potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate into them. These chemicals can help in repelling the roots as these are poisonous for the roots.

2. Optimise the location of your plants and trees.

Placing your plants and trees in a favourable location is beneficial both for you and your pipes. This could prevent dangers from happening to your pipes which could lead to plenty of expenses. You can improve the location of your plants and trees when you are aware of where your pipes are situated. Only then can you site where you should plant them so that they won’t pose as threats to your pipes and other utilities that are in the underground. Although there are harmless shrubs near the lines, you could never anticipate its full growth capacity as time passes by. So, it is best to keep your pipes safe by getting them as far away as possible from those plants, shrubs and trees.

3. Get to know the characteristics of each plant and tree you have.

Every plants and trees belong to a kingdom and each one of them varies from the other. That is the reason why you should get to know the plants and trees that are living in your backyard or where they are near to your pipes. If you know their characteristics and if you have knowledge on how long their roots can grow, then you can calculate on where you should place your pipes. That is if you don’t want to cut down that certain plant or tree. So that when the time comes that it has reached its certain growth, you won’t have to deal with tree root intrusions.

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