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4 Reasons Why Your Sewer Line Is Blocked

plumberbrookvale 4 Reasons Why Your Sewer Line Is Blocked

A sewer line that gets blocked and acts up during the most inopportune moments is always one of the most dreaded problems that a homeowner can possibly encounter. To make things worse, these problems are usually the most expensive to fix. To avoid accidents like this, there are a couple practices you can do. However, in this article, you will come to know 4 of the most popular reasons for sewer pipe blockage and those are:

1.Strange Objects

There are two sections in this item. There are objects or products that are labelled flushable but are in fact a danger to your plumbing and sewer system. There are also those that are completely foreign and should not have made it down the sewer drain in the first place.
Not everything that is labelled as flushable truly is. In fact there is a number of commercial products that are harmful to the sewer pipes but have been making it through the drain and toilet bowl for years believing that they are harmless. Some of these are toiletries, diapers, tampons, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, litters and wipes.
Objects that are totally alien to the sewer pipes are as unique as they come; toys and other objects that get stuck in the lines. Situations like this are most common in households that have kids and children. The most bizarre objects may make the way into your sewer lines in random moments imaginable. You might find Spiderman taking a dip in the toilet bowl early in the morning or a miniature version of Batman strangled by his cape stuck inside your sewer pipe.

2.Fat and Grease

This is one very common reason for blockage. This is because most homeowners do not know that they are actually very damaging to sewer lines and drains. These are the most common culprits of a blocked sewer line since they tend to stick to the interior walls of the pipeline and do not come off easily. In fact, most homeowners find it impossible to remove the grease and oil without using a hydro water jet. Earlier cases can be helped when they are removed using hot water.
The moment that the grease sets along the walls of the pipe, they start to accumulate and grow bigger by trapping every other object that goes down the drain. Before you know it, there is a massive accumulation in your sewer that is the reason for a blockage.


There are two avenues to discuss a sewer pipe intrusion. There is an intrusion caused by plant roots while there is the other intrusion that involves rodents and other animals that can make a home out of your sewer lines.
Root intrusion is probably the most common outcome for most pipes. Especially in properties that have vegetative bodies near the house. Roots have their own way of locating the pinhole leak in a sewer pipe or the slightest give in the structure and make it an entry point.
Animal, specifically rodent, intrusion is a whole different story. These tiny creatures can be aggressive towards any sewer pipe. They can crawl inside and make a home inside.


Pipe deterioration can be caused by a myriad of reasons. It can because of structural damage, installation error, or simply old age. When a pipe deteriorates, it can dag and cause blockage due to accumulation in the sagged area. Pressure can be another reason for deterioration when the pipeline can no longer stand the gushing pressure of the drainage. Once there is a deteriorated section in a sewer pipeline, the entire system is crippled.

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