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5 Severe Sewer Pipe Issues that Need Pipe Relining

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Sewer pipes are buried several feet under the ground and this is the reason why only few people actually realize that they need even more maintenance and up keep than any other fixture in the plumbing system. The bad thing about sewer pipe problems is that they are almost always passed off as simple drain issues and therefore are either left alone or are given treatments fit for minor problems when in fact, what the pipeline needs is a permanent solution to fix the sewer pipe issue before it the sewer line’s damage become irreparable. When the issues become too severe, the only option for a sewer pipe is to reline the system in order for the system to still be helpful. Here are 6 of the most common sewer pipe issues that need pipe relining:

  • Blocked Sewer Pipe

Pipe blockage is a serious problem for any homeowner. This issue is mainly caused by fatty, oily and greasy deposits in the interior of the pipe. In some cases, foreign objects may make it through the drain can also pose as blockage since they are solid making it impossible for the water or any other liquid content inside the pipe to dissolve. These materials can block the flow of wastes inside the pipe and can result to sewer backup when it is not resolved. The blockage reduces the interior circumference of the pipe lessening the flow. There are numerous cleaning techniques but only few are safe as well as effective for the sewer lines.

One sure way to render the pipes safe is through relining the entire thing. This will create a smooth interior surface as well as increase its load capacity.

  • Root Intrusion

Root intrusion is a very obstructive problem in any pipeline. Pipes that are buried near any vegetation are always in suffering the risk of root intrusion and problems too severe for minor or professional repair methods. However, not necessarily all trees are harmful for the sewer system. There are vegetative bodies that are not necessarily aggressive towards sewer lines. With pipe relining, you effectively protect your pipe lines from any sort of root intrusion.

  • Pipe Sagging

With age, pipes are inevitable to structurally lose their strength. At some point, no matter how strong the initial materials composing your pipes are, age and deterioration is always bound to happen and stick to them. In other cases, the load of the pipe can also contribute to sagging. What every homeowner needs to do is protect the pipes through relining.

  • Sewer Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion can render the sewer line to complete failure. There are a lot of corrosive factors that are riddling your pipes and the soil around it. What makes matters worse is that you only seldom notice the minor signs. This happens and the corrosion gets enough time to develop into something bigger. Now, with pipe relining, the pipes are made essentially impenetrable to any corrosive factor in the area or in the pipes.

  • Sewer Pipe Damage

There are certain damages to the pipe that are too severe for repair. When the damage is beyond repair, the only option left is to reline the pipes to prevent further damage. Unlike the traditional method, relining the pipes will require less down time, lesser efforts, amenities, man power and budget. Get all these benefits without the need to affect the quality of the new sewer lines.

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