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5 Signs of Sewer Pipe Blockage

plumber brookvale 5 Signs of Sewer Pipe Blockage

One of the most common plumbing emergencies that most home owners can encounter is a blocked sewer pipe. This plumbing emergency is a frustrating and filthy problem. However, this issue can be prevented only if you pay attention to your sewer pipe and repair problems immediately. Here are some indications that your sewer pipe is blocked.

1. Bubble Formation

You might notice some air bubbles that appear in your toilet. This formation of bubbles is mainly because of the air that is found at the end of your sewer pipe that is blocked and finds its way out to escape. However, once you run your sink drainage, there will be a bubble formation in your bathroom and toilet drain. In addition to this, you will also notice that there is an increase in the water level.

2. Smell of Raw Sewage from the Drains

Once there is a sewage backup, there will also be a stinky odour that you will smell around your house. This could be a great disaster in your home and I bet no one would want to suffer this kind of issue. The unpleasant smell that it contains could be frustrating and annoying. In addition to this, this could also be hazardous to our health.

3. Unusual Plumbing Fixtures’ Reactions

One filthy sign of blockages in sewer pipes is when you notice some unusual reactions that occur in your plumbing system. This reaction includes the soapy water that comes out of bathtub drain every time you run your washing machine. Due the blockages in the sewer pipes, the used water coming from your laundry water, kitchen sink and toilet could not find their way to the mainline and they will keep on coming back into the drainage system of your home.

4. Plumbing Fixtures do not drain properly

When your plumbing fixtures do not drain properly as expected, then there must be a blockage in your sewer pipe. You can determine this if it does not cooperate well and the draining process is greatly reduced. If your sewer pipe is partially blocked, only a little amount of water can pass through the pipes. As a result, the flow capacity of water is reduced and it can hinder the operation of your plumbing fixtures. There is a great possibility that your sewer pipe will be completely blocked once you do not remove the blockages as soon as possible.

5. Sewage Backup

One of the most common and filthy indications of blockages in sewer pipes is a sewer backup. This happens once the raw sewage coming from the low lying drains such as basement drains, bathroom drains and toilet. There are some cases where this issue arises due to floods. But, this is also the best indication of a blocked sewer pipe. Sewage backups contain wastes that are harmful to the health of your family. With this, it would be necessary for you to find a solution to the problem immediately and remove the raw sewage to save your valued home especially your plumbing system.

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