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The 6 Major Steps of a Pipe Bursting Method

Plumberbrookvale Pipe Bursting

What’s pipe bursting? It’s a pipe replacement method in which the existing pipeline is broken and splintered. The new pipes are pulled by a cable after the old pipes are cleared off the sewer line. This may seem like an odd way to replace the pipes but a lot of contractors are actually using it. Here are the pipe bursting steps for those who are interested to learn more about how this method works.
1. Creating a working pit

The working pit is where the crew will be able to insert the equipment and pipe materials for pipe bursting. It will also serve as an entry point for the pipes. There are two access areas for a pipe bursting to work. The entry area is for the bursting head and the new pipes that are attached to it. Then we have the exit area where the winch machine is placed.
2. Pipe check-up

The process doesn’t start after the working pit is created. The pipes must first be inspected if there are any form of blockage. Clogs, tree roots, and waste buildup are commonly seen in pipes. If these materials are present then it must be taken out immediately.
3. Pipe clean-up

A pipe clean-up is needed so that the bursting head and the new pipe can fit through the pipes. The most used tool for clearing the pipeline is the hydro jet. This hydro jet has a powerful water pressure that’s able to burst through the lining. Clogs, tree roots, and other forms of obstructions can be blasted off by the strong torrent. A water jet usually has 3,000 psi which is more than enough to remove obstructions in the sewer line. This is an effective tool but it’s not ideal to use on sensitive or crumbling pipes. The reason for this is that the water pressure might cause the pipes to break and collapse. Crumbled pipes can make it more difficult to the procedure so it’s best to avoid it.

4. Positioning the equipment

The equipment is now safe to place now that there are no more obstructions. The bursting head is placed first by pulling it with the winch machine. The other end part of the bursting head has the new pipeline attached.
5. Bursting the pipes

The bursting commences after the bursting head is set. The winch machine pulls the bursting head and breaks the old pipes. This is because the strong hydraulic pressure can splinter the pipes. Not only that, the bursting method also increases the size of the pipeline. The new pipes are pulled through by the bursting head as it’s pulled by the cable of the winch machine.
6. Tests and connection check-ups

A few final tests must be done so that any error during the installation will be corrected. Visual inspection can be done by putting a camera into the sewer pipes. Pressure and leak tests are also conducted by the crew with the use of special equipment. Connection fittings are also finalised to make the sewer system functional again.

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