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7 Myths about Pipe Bursting

Plumberbrookvale Pipe Bursting

There are quite a number of pipe repair and replacement methods and one of those is pipe bursting. This may be a foreign concept to most and a fairly common topic to others. Most people have misconceptions and beliefs about this process. In this article, you will learn about the 8 most common pipe bursting myths and how they are proved as misconceptions.

    1. Pricey.

Albeit being a new method of repairing dysfunctional piping, pipe bursting is not exactly pricey compared to other methods that are already popular alternatives. Though needing a certain type of heavy machinery, that would most likely take up the bulk of the budgetary factor of this project, you can still save on the cost of construction since this process only requires a minimal number of labourers to get the job done. Pipe bursting is also done within hours which is why you can guarantee lesser billing on manpower if you are paying them by the hour.

    2. Exclusive for HDPE pipe.

Traditionally, there is a basis for this plumbing myth. Recently, a lot of contractors started using all kinds of pipes as pipe bursting replacements. Before, it is only the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that was available as replacement pipes using this process. These days, you can select from a variety of compatible pipes varying from PVC pipes to PEX pipes.

    3. Unfitting for water lines.

Pipe bursting is actually fit for repair and replacement of water mains. Commonly used in European countries, a typical water line is made of cast iron, plastic and asbestos cement materials. This type of tubing can be burst using pipe splitting techniques that allow technicians to increase pipe diameter.

    4. Trenchless?

Pipe bursting method is not exactly done without an excavation. It is done with minimal excavation. Compared to the old way of replacing pipes, this proves to be a more efficient and let messy alternative. It is a process designed for areas that are publicly utilised and are environmentally sensitive.

    5. Limited practicality.

Others believe that pipe bursting is only a practical solution when you are looking for an alternative that will increase the current pipe diameter while keeping the work damage to a minimum.

    6. Suitable for increasing pipeline diameter.

A pipe bursting tool has three main components. The head that has either rollerblade cutter or an extendable cutter at the sides, a tool that mainly widens the diameter of the hole left by the old pipe to make room for the last part which is the tool holding the replacement pipe. The size of the second part of the pipe bursting tool will depend on the diameter of the replacement pipe.

    7. Alternative for CIPP method.

There are certain damages that pipe relining, no matter how advanced this technology is, just can’t fix. In these cases, pipe bursting comes in hand. The bursting of the pipe in order to replace the old one does the job perfectly. While CIPP needs the structure and the sturdiness of the old pipe, pipe bursting replaces the damaged pipe entirely with the same percentage of lowered damage in the process.

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