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8 Key Prominence of Pipe Bursting Method

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Trenchless pipe rehabilitation and pipe replacement method have been widely known due to the convenience it gives and its key advantages. But when it comes to pipe bursting, some people might doubt whether or not to opt for this method when replacing their pipes. They might ask what is so good with intentionally destroying the old pipes to replace them with the new one.

Intentionally busting your old pipes is done with a purpose especially when your pipe is completely wrecked and is no longer beneficial. This problem cannot be restored by pipe relining that is why pipe bursting is a better option rather than excavating your sewer lines all the way to its full length. Pipe bursting has its own benefits and advantages you might never imagine. This will persuade you to opt for them rather than the conventional method of pipe replacement.

1. Less strenuous

Because pipe bursting is part of the trenchless pipe rehabilitation method, it reduces the need to excavate by up to 80%. Labourers won’t have to excavate too much causing the job to be much easier and more convenient. Heavy excavation machinery would not be needed and running them for several days would be unnecessary. That means no intensive toiling job for harrowing the ground would likely take place.

2. Less environment intrusive

Because less digging is involved and the only digging needed is for the feeding and the receiving pit, it is definitely a less intrusive pipe repair method. The safety of your landscaped property is guaranteed and you wouldn’t have to suffer the burden of restoring your property.

3. Economical

What makes conventional method expensive is the high service rate due to the necessity to excavate. Too much excavation and the need of heavy excavation machinery is never needed thus, reducing the service rate. Aside from that, you will not need fuels to run the excavation machines which will definitely save a penny.

4. Secure

Opting for pipe bursting in repairing your pipe would guarantee the security of your well-landscaped property. Heavy and laborious excavations are not only property menacing, they are as well health threatening. Reducing the need to excavate would reduce the health threats it poses thus, securing your family’s health.

5. Increased productivity

With pipe bursting, your time would not be consumed for excavating the entire suggested pipe path. When they fall on roads and pavement, they give extra labour and would possibly consume your time. Instead of devouring your time for excavating and extracting these trenches from the ground, you can just opt for busting it and use your time for some other important appointments.

6. Intensified flow capacity

Pipe bursting is not only applicable when changing your pipes with one of the same diameter. You can, as well, increase the diameter of your pipe which would definitely increase its flow capacity. This will lessen the stress caused by too much pressure and would help retain the service lifespan of your sewer pipes.

7. Guaranteed strength

Pipe contractors would definitely choose a stronger and a more durable pipe material. This would increase the structural performance and the integrity of your sewers.

8. Invigorating innovations

Pipe bursting has been one of the latest methods of pipe replacement. This will become the stepping stone for experts and motivate them to discover a more effective and a less expensive pipe replacement method.

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