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Pipe Relining: A Lifetime Fix for Sewer Pipe Issues

Plumberbrookvale Pipe ReliningThere several quick-fixes and homemade solutions that can remedy minor plumbing issues. However, these problems may only be given temporary solutions and were not entirely fixed. These plumbing ills may worsen as time progresses causing you hefty repair bills and stress-inducing disruption.

Consequently, many homeowners opt for efficient and cost-effective piping repairs that provide long-lasting results. This innovative solution offered by the modern plumbing technology is pipe relining. It does not only reinforce the structural strength of your pipes, it also extends its lifespan.

Check out the following pipe issues pipe relining can fix and prevent them from reoccurring:


Pipes are made of different materials and they have their own features and weak points. Metal sewer pipes are susceptible to corrosion. When various chemicals are frequently flushed down the drains, this initiates corrosion within your pipes. This wears out your pipe’s interior lining, making it vulnerable to leakage and root penetration.

In order to restore the structural strength and durability of your pipes, you may opt for pipe relining to reinforce the damaged pipes. The corroded areas will be sealed – renewing the optimum durability and resistance of your pipes, as well as boosting its flow capacity.

Root Intrusions

Nature can cause cumbersome pipe problems, especially the tree roots. When trees with fast-growing roots search for sources of water, they may be lured into your pipes. Aged pipes and clay pipes are most likely susceptible to tree root intrusions – roots may crack them open and form root balls within causing major blockages. Such occurrence can impede or collapse your underground plumbing.

To boost the strength of your pipes against tree root intrusion, pipe relining is one of the best choices. It provides a strong resistance against these aggressive tree roots. Professional plumbers will initially remove the root blockages either with a rooter equipment or a hydro jetter. Afterwards, an epoxy tube is inserted into your damaged pipes to reinforce its sturdiness.

Pipe Deterioration

Pipes may wear out its excellent quality over time. When buried sewer pipes deteriorate, they are vulnerable to leaks, corrosion, and root infiltrations. Moreover, there could be a total breakdown if they cannot resist the underground pressure. This would consequently jeopordise your health and environment since sewage leaks might occur. Pipe relining can help renew the toughness of aged and deteriorated pipes against damaging factors. It would also improve its resistance against temperature, pressure and chemical reactions.

Ruptured Pipes

Dysfunctional pipes containing leaks, cracks and bursts can trigger sewage leaks which can result in health and sanitation hazards. Their openings will also allow the soil and other debris to penetrate the sewer lines. Eventually, the soil and debris accumulation will create obstructions within the passages.

Pipe replacement would still be an appropriate action to take however this can cause extensive mess and large-scale labour. In order to be time-efficient and cost-effective, pipe relining eliminates the need for excavation and even guarantees you an improved quality of pipes similar to new ones.

Pipe sags

Pipes may sag and distort due to areas that collapsed to a lower level. These sagged areas will serve as traps for items that are drained down the sewer lines forming clogs in your system. Pipe relining is an effective method that can restore your pipes back to their initial positions without replacing your existing pipes.

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