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Pneumatic vs. Static Pipe Bursting

plumberbrookvale pipe bursting

Pipe bursting method has been a great alternative sewer pipe solution for underground damaged pipes. Also, of all the pipe replacement and rehabilitation processes, this is the method that can expand the size of the current utility without excessive excavation. The method has two known system that uses different approach during the operation process. The bursting methods are Pneumatic Pipe Bursting System and Static Bursting System.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting System

This type of pipe bursting method is a reliable method commonly performed by contractors that replace underground sewer lines and faulty gas. Soil displacement hammer is a bursting equipment used in the pneumatic system that is operated by a compressed air. The displacement hammer is equipped with an expander that is either situated in its nearest or the front of its rear. The displacement hammer is then launched to the host pipe through an insertion pit. The bursting tool used in the operation is fastened to the tension winch in the receiving point. The constant tension serves as the link between the expander and the bursting equipment to the host pipe and faultless portion of the pipe. Once it is combined with the percussive action of that tool, it will aid in keeping both the hammer found in the existing pipe and the expander

Each stroke of the hammer will shove the nail in a brief distance which can cause a crack to the existing pipe. The combination of the percussive action and the expander will supply a space for the new pipe and will then keep the fragments and the surrounding soil away. When it starts, the bursting will continue that leads to a manhole where the damaged materials are fixed.

The operation continues up until the head comes at the hauling shaft that is separated to the new pipe. It is inevitable to hear noises that come from the air compressor and the pneumatic hammer while the operation is going on.

Static Pipe Bursting

In pulling the rod that is infused within the existing pipe, a tugging force is utilised to expansion heads that are known for its cone shapes. Through the cone, the horizontal force is then transported to a radial force. This situation shatters the old pipes and enlarges the cavity that will provide a space to the new pipe.

The rod, on the other hand, is placed within the pipe from a pulling pole and is connected through myriad forms of connections. Then, the bursting head is connected to the rod at the same time the head’s rear portion will also be affixed to a pipe. These all happen when the rod extends through the insertion shaft. The components of the rod are taken out one a time by using the hydraulic unit. It will continue until the head of the bursting equipment reaches the pulling shaft. This is also where it is divided from the new pipe. However, when contractors use a cable, the pulling process will continue with a restricted pulling force and nominal interruption.

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