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Tips and Solutions for Root Intrusion

Plumberbrookvale Root IntrusionWe don’t want to flush our waste down only to find out that it came back because of some root obstruction underneath the ground. When that happens, that is very unsanitary to know. One of the most common reasons why this situation happens is because of root intrusion. So before this happen, try to perform the prevention tips to avoid tree roots within your sewer line.

Use heavy-duty pipes
It is true that we cannot manage the growth of the roots underneath the ground. However, we can manage to avert any possible cracks caused by the roots. If the areas where you live in contains many trees, it is best to utilise heavy-duty pipes like pipes that are heavy-cast irons.
Keep in mind that root intrusion only happens when there is a visible crack in the pipe. Another alternative aside from heavy cast iron pipes is PVC pipe. However, before you welcome the thought of making this as an alternative, try to check if PVC pipes are legal in your area.

There are ways to stop the growth of the roots and that is either through chemical and physical barriers. For instance, the use of copper sulphate and potassium hydroxide is commonly used as a chemical barrier. The barrier is done by spreading the chemical close to the sewer line. The substance of the chemical barrier is poisonous to the roots. However, the disadvantage of using copper sulphate is that the process of killing the tree roots takes for a week depending on the roots’ size.

Remember that after a week, and the roots are dead, that does not mean that the problem is gone, dead roots can still cause a blockage within your sewer line which needs a tool to take out such as a mechanical rooter.

Improper application of copper sulphate will cause your sewers to corrode which causes more damage. Copper sulphate can affect your health conditions when you are exposed to a large dose of it. When you want to apply it yourself, try to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in using the substance.

Sewer-safe trees
If you just can help to plant trees around your area, try to pick a type of tree that has small roots balls. The most important thing is that the roots have shallow root structure. This type of tree has lower chances of getting beneath your sewer line and cause an obstruction.

When you want to plant a tree that is large and fast growing, try to plant them somewhere away from the sewer line.

Mechanical cutting tool
The tool is consists of a rotating head and a blade that can cut the roots into pieces. Because the roots are finely cut, the debris inside the sewer line will create an obstruction. To take the debris out, the pieces should be flushed out.

This is also known as a water jet. Right after using the mechanical tool, you can use a hydro jet that releases high-pressure water that flushes down the debris in the sewer line. The water being used is around 4000 psi which holds 18 gallons of water per minute.

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