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Blocked Drains

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Hot Water

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Emergency Plumbing

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Pipe Relining

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Facts You Should Know!

facts you should know in brookvale

Brookvale has a rich history that can be traced back to the Guringai people whose engravings have been located on the higher areas surrounding Brookvale. Due to the Greendale Creek running through the area Brookvale was originally called Greendale.

In 1826 James Jenkins built a road, assisted by convict labour, from Balgowlah to Long Reef via Mile Gully now known as Old Pittwater Rd. Brookvale became an industrial hub and has been the setting for Market gardens, Brookvale brickworks established in 1913 to 1996 (the site was redeveloped for medium density housing)and Benett Surfboards operating in the area since 1956. The ambitious Brookvale Union Brewery founded in 1950 was forced to close in 1956 due to the competition with Sydney brewers Tooth and Co and Tooheys.

Did you know, the Brookvale Bus Depot opened in 1952, has the honour of having had the first woman to train and work as a government bus driver in New South Wales?

Why you should call a local plumber in Brookvale? Here are 7 good reasons:


Real professionals

Our plumbers are trained professionals who take pride in their work.


Honest Plumbing

We guarantee our prices for all plumbing work we do and avoid hidden charges.


High-quality Service

Our work is 100% guaranteed to get your plumbing working again.


We handle emergencies

Our emergency phones are manned 24hours a day 7 days a week…there’s no job too small or large!.


Cost-effective Services

We offer you a free plumbing and safety inspection.


Equipped and on-time

Our fleet of fully stocked vehicles are ready for any plumbing emergency.


Professional and dedicated

We have the equipment and skills to deal with all blocked drains and have the water flowing again.

Trustworthy plumbers in the area who can attend to all you plumbing needs such as:

We can repair or replace toilets for you.

Water leaking out of pipes and the fixing or replacing of those broken pipes.

Repairing and installing rainwater harvesting and storage tanks.

Repair or replacement of different hot water system models.

Different gas services, especially the installation and repair of gas lines.

We can repair or replace your taps.

The repair, replacement or cleaning of sewer.

Client Testimonials

  • “Very friendly and great service! Highly recommend”


  • “Ryan – also on his first visit – inspected everything, explained in detail what needs fixing and quoted on the spot. Today’s repair was conducted in quick and professional manner. All good!”


  • “Good communication. What it all was going to cost was very clear. On time arrival”


  • “Perfectly on time. Went out of the way to be helpful. Explained everything. Great job”


  • “Very helpful and friendly – solved problem where previous plumber couldn’t”


brookvale five star

Plumber Brookvale finds a burst pipe saving customer thousands of dollars.

Maria just received her water bill in the mail and it was through the roof, $4000 when it is usually $300. She thought there must be a mistake. She turned off all her fixtures in the house and then went out to the water meter and it was ticking over quite fast. She needed someone there immediately to find out where the water leak was occurring.

She thought her best bet was to go with her local neighbourhood plumber, as she remembers her neighbour using them before and loving them.

Maria gave him a call and he was there in 30 minutes. The plumber was able to calculate the rate of the water leak was around 40 litres per minute, this was no small water leak!

The plumber listened to all the pipework and could hear water running through pipes at every appliance. He then installed an isolation tap near the storage heater to see if he could isolate it, however the water meter was still ticking over. He then went out to the granny flat and found the sound of the water was loudest outside the granny flat.

The plumber excavated part of the garden bed and found water to be pooling. He was then able to find the pipe that had burst. He quickly repaired it and issued Maria with a plumbers statement that she could pass onto the water board which could help her in reducing her water bill.

If you find yourself in an unusual situation like Maria, give us a call today on 0402 290 290 and we will help you find the solution!

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