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4 Easy Tweaks for Garbage Disposal Issues

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Our domestic chores and daily routines will produce garbage and wastes that have to be properly managed. Through the help of waste management facilities such as garbage disposals, we can throw out our kitchen and food wastes without too much hassle. The garbage disposals are one of the most useful home appliances that help us maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of our kitchens. However, just like all the other appliances, they may also get impaired, causing them to lose their optimum performance. Fortunately, there are some simple tweaks you can use in order to restore your garbage disposals back to their tip-top condition. Here are some common garbage disposal issues and how to mend them:

  1. Jammed Disposal

A jammed disposal is usually caused by the food residues and debris that you threw down your sinks. You might have mistaken some food items and objects as safe for garbage disposals when they actually get lodged and stuck to the unit. Some common food wastes that should never be disposed into this appliance include egg shells, coffee grounds and fibrous fruit rinds and peels. Further, you should not exhaust the capacity of your disposal since this would overload its machinery, jamming it up.

Locate a tiny socket hole at the bottom centre of your unit, near its motor. After finding it, try to insert a wrench through it to turn on the disposal’s shredder blades back and forth. Supposing there is no bottom socket, switch of the power supply and try to put in a broom handle or plunger at the disposal’s entry point. Using the handle, try to revolve the shredder back and forth until you can loosen up the jammed unit. Afterwards, switch on the disposal.

  1. Failure to Turn On

Electrical issues usually entail this kind of inconvenience. If you are going through this, you have to initially look over the fuse box or circuit breakers. Try to confirm if there is no problem with the electric supply. If there isn’t, locate the reset button of the garbage disposal. You can usually find this at the basal part of the unit. If you observe that the button is popping out, it means that your machinery had been left running for a long time or its mechanisms are jammed. Try to loosen up the build-up by doing the directions above. Then, press the reset button. If all these steps remain futile and there seem to be no signs that the unit is starting, it may be the time for you to replace the worn out motor of the unit.

  1. Leaking Disposal

If you notice that you disposal has leakage, look over your drain lines first. Supposing there are indeed irregularities in your drain pipes, change the rubber gasket and make tight adjustments. However, if you notice that the leak takes place on the unit’s body, you would have to replace the defective machinery.

  1. The disposal emanates unusual noises.

If you can hear weird noises that your disposal makes, it may be due to glass, metallic or any other unfriendly items that have gained entry to your unit. Before attempting to remove these items, make sure that you have switched off the disposal. Most importantly, DO NOT put your hands within the unit or you will have huge chances of amputating your hands and fingers. Rather, use basic tools such as pliers and tongs.

In some cases, the mechanical parts of the disposal themselves are the ones that produce the noises. They may have been deteriorating, loosened, and broken thus creating those weird sounds. Try to adjust the tightness of the loose parts and fix or replace those defective parts.

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