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The 4 Major Risks of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Plumberbrookvale Chemical Drain Cleaners

It’s actually common nowadays that homeowners use chemical cleaners to clear out clogs or even become a staple for cleaning drains. After all, this particular cleaning product allows for a simpler cleaning and maintenance routine. However, there are actually a lot of risks involved if you always use chemical drain cleaners such as:

1. Destroying the interior of the pipes

The reason why chemical drain cleaners are effective when clearing out small clogs is because of its extremely harsh chemical agents. A staple compound that is found in most solutions of these products is hydrochloric acid. This hydrochloric acid along with other strong compounds are capable of corroding the lining of your drain pipes. It’s not just the pipes but the other parts of your inks as well just like the enamel coating and even the steel part of the drain openings. Furthermore, if you pour chemical drain cleaners on clogs that are made up of solid objects then it won’t be effective. The chemicals will most likely stagnate and can become a hazard when you start plunging the drains.

2. Negatively impact the septic system

If you do have a septic system installed in your home then you should really avoid chemical drain cleaners. You see, septic tanks actually need to have bacteria to process some of the wastes that are stored into it. The chemicals from drain cleaner products actually kill the bacteria and make your septic system less optimal when processing wastes. Aside from that, the plumbing pipes that serve as an outlet for your septic system will be damaged from the flow of chemicals.

3. Dangerous to your health

So far, we have been talking about how these chemical cleaners can have an awful impact to your plumbing and septic system, but now we’re going to talk how it affects you as the user. Some people are not aware that there are actually some health complications if you’re continually exposed to these chemical cleaners. Primarily, it’s the fumes from the chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction or even irritation to your eyes, throat, and lungs. You may also have some reactions if the chemicals come into contact to your skin. Some people might not feel anything due to its chronic effects while others who are very sensitive may have a strong reaction from the chemicals. Consistent exposure to these chemicals may also lead to respiratory damage.

4. Negative impact to the environment

The leftovers from the chemicals go to landfills and cause gas emissions that will clearly damage the environment. Aside from that, there is always the risks of the chemicals breaking out from a cracked pipeline and entering the pipes that carry the water supply to your home. The chemicals may not go through the water supply of your home but it can possibly affect neighbouring water lines or even the local wildlife.

You shouldn’t rely on chemical cleaners for your drain-clog problems due to the many risks involved. Nothing can beat a vigorous plunging method or even a homemade clog-remover solution of baking soda and vinegar. Always go for the cleaner and safer alternative when cleaning your plumbing fixtures.

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