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What Is The Way To Unclog A Drain

Clogged drain

There are a number of plumbing problems associated with a household. Pipe leakage, sewer blockage etc. Having a clogged drain is stressful. Some people wait until it stops before they attend to it. It is advisable to attend to the problem as soon as you notice it.

How to unclog a drain

There are various ways of dealing with this problem. Best way to unclog a drain is to use the homemade cleaner. This is easy and affordable. Pour some baking powder followed by an equal measure of vinegar. Run water down the drain after a few hours. This is to allow the mixture clear the drain.

When performing this exercise, there are some tools that one needs: plunger, jelly, bucket, brush etc.

There are other ways of unclogging a drain, they include:

· Cloth hanger. Take the metallic clothe hanger and straighten it. On one end create a hook. Using the hook, get the dirt that might be causing the clog.

· Vacuum. The dry, wet vacuum is a good device for unclogging a drain. Cover the sink well enough to avoid a huge mess. Using the vacuum suck up all the dirt from the drain.

· Hot and boiling water. Boil water in kettle. Pour the water in the drain slowly. After each pour allow some time before pouring it again. This is an easy way of unclogging a drain.

· Detergent. This is in particular with the toilet. The detergent acts as a lubricant. Pour some of it in the toilet bowl. Boil some water and add. You can start plunging or use gloves, rubber to be precise.

· Soda. Pour some water into a bucket. Add caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide. Mixing the two causes a fizz. Pour the mixture into the drain and leave it for a while. Using hot water, flush the drain.

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