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Should Boiler Amp Hot Water Tank Be Filled With Hot Water?

Refilling your hot water tank needs no skill but for a successful and problem free refill, you need to understand the different parts of the tank and how they work. Many people really don’t know what level to fill the tank to. First, the fact is that all water heater tanks have the same draining, filling and relief valves. Users of hot water heaters frequently ask why should boiler amp hot water tank be filled with water? The common answer to this is to avoid damaging the heating element due to low levels of water. Filling the how water tank with water helps balance the temperatures to avoid very hot water that could cause injury for example in the shower.


You should familiarize yourself with the parts of your hot water tank. Most important is the water fill pipe, it is the only of the two pipes at the top of the tank with a valve; relief valve. Using this pipe you should fill your tank with water to a reasonably safe level, as technicians would advice to at least half the tank. Hot water tanks should be drained regularly throughout the year to avoid formation of rust and sediments. This extends the tank life to a recommendable ten years life spun. When filling the tank, check for leaks at the drain and relief valves and if any tighten them. How do you know that your tank is full? This is when water begins to stream from the faucets. Remember to turn on one or more hot water faucets in the house, why? It helps air escape from the tank and pipes as it fills.


WARNING TIPS: Never apply electricity to an empty hot water heater, this will fail your heating element. Secondly, when water is already hot and up to temperature the second pipe on the top of the tank which is the hot water return feed pipe to the system gets very hot, touching this pipe will lead to severe burns.

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