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Why You Should Think Twice When Using Chemical Cleaners

There are a number of homeowners who remedy clog problems by pouring commercial drain cleaners. You may have already tried this solution or it’s actually part of your usual maintenance routine. It may seem that these cleaning solutions can help clear the drains but you need to think twice when using them. Learn more about the hidden consequences of using strong drain cleaners below.

Your health is actually at risk when exposed to such dangerous chemicals

Pouring caustic substances can damage the plumbing but we will discuss that later on. This instance, we are going to focus more on the effects of these chemicals to your precious health. If you have been using a few commercial chemical drainers; you may have noticed nauseating or stingy fumes coming out from the product container. The strong fumes can cause itching and burning to your lungs. Furthermore, itchy skin and eyes can also be experienced when applying the solution. Things are much worse for those who have sensitive respiratory health. Even if you don’t have respiratory illnesses like asthma; you may develop other problems if you continue using acidic and strong cleaning products.

Damage to the pipes and plumbing system

While it may seem that the chemicals can cleanse the pipe lining; it can actually become a problem later on. The reason why these products can decompose common clogs is due to its volatile acids. However, these acids aren’t good for your pipes. The harsh chemical components can slowly deteriorate the pipe materials. Of course, if you regularly apply these cleaning products then the more your pipe becomes more prone to corrosion. As an alternate solution; you can use homemade mixes like lemon and vinegar or baking soda.     

It can cause problems to your septic system

In case you didn’t know, the septic system utilises bacteria to break down and process solid wastes from your house. It just so happens that the chemicals in strong drain cleaners can kill the bacteria in the septic system. With a lowered bacteria population, it will be nearly impossible for your septic system to effectively process sewage wastes.

If you have been using chemical cleaners for a long time then you need to get your septic system inspected and pumped. This will remove the accumulated chemical compounds.

It won’t have any effect on major and heavy clogs

There are homeowners who still use caustic cleaners even if the clog is heavy. Pouring any type of solution on a major drain obstruction isn’t just effective; it can also make the clog even worse. Furthermore, the solution poured can splash when you use a plunger. It’s best to be on the safe side and just stick with proven and tested plumbing equipment like drain augers and plungers. If you noticed that the clogs are still present despite using the mentioned equipment; then you need to call in a licensed plumber. There could be other plumbing issues that prevent the drains from properly filtering.

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