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3 Common Causes of Running Toilets and Their Cures

toilet tank

How would you feel if you come home from a tiring day at work and find out that your toilet is running? Exactly. Nothing beats the nuisance of a running toilet. The high water bill, flooded bathroom floors, gallons of wasted water and that annoying rushing sound of water that keeps you up at night. These are just some of the side effects if you won’t remedy your problem immediately. Fortunately, we found out the most common causes of a running toilet and a few easy tricks to fix them!

But before we begin, here’s a rundown of the basic parts of a toilet for you to be familiarised with:

  • The toilet flush lever is – obviously – for flushing down the dirty, dirty things in the world.
  • The (rubber) flapper is for stopping the tank water from plummeting down the bowl and splashing you in the process. Gross!
  • The overflow tube measures the highness of the level of water in the tank.
  • The pump is responsible for refilling the tank with water after it is emptied.
  • The float ball just basically floats inside the tank. It tells the pump what to do when the water level raises and lowers.
  • The lift chain is responsible for lifting the rubber flapper after pressing the flush button.

Cause No.1: Damaged Lift Chains

Lift chains are very sensitive. They break down easily if you don’t check in on them for a long time. A too long chain gets in the way of the flappers giving it a hard time closing when you’re flushing the toilet. However, a too short chain may keep on pulling the flappers, not allowing the flapper to sink in the seat of the toilet. All you have to do in this situation is to either cut or loosen up the lift chain so that it can function properly. Another case is due to corrosion which then leads to a broken lift chain. An easy fix is to just replace it with a new one by connecting the lift arm with a hook and the flapper. Don’t forget to leave enough space for the flapper so that it can drop and seal the tank water.

Cause No. 2: Float Position Too High

Float balls looks like a plastic balloon put in a bucket of water where the bucket here is the toilet water tank. If your float ball is set too high, the first thing that will happen is that when you’re flushing the toilet and the tank just keeps on filling back up. The best thing you can do to stay away from this situation is to bend the rod that connects the float to the pump. As you perform this, the float will lower itself and signals the pump to turn off.

Cause No. 3: Deformed and Dirty Flappers

A broken or dirty flapper can be easily detected as it leads to a leakage. The sure signs of a deformed and dirty flappers are when there is warping, cracks on the rubber and stains. To clean the flapper, you must remove the buildups that stops the flapper from closing properly. But if the real problem is the flapper being broken or cracked, you should buy yourself a new one.

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