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How to Properly Install PEX Pipes for Cold and Hot Water

PEX pipes are high-density polyethylene pipes that are flexible, are available in a wide range of sizes, and can suit both cold and hot water installations. For these reasons, it is possible to have many pipes of this type in your home. If you want PEX pipes in your home, follow the steps below to correctly install them.

1. Measure the feed connections of your water source. Many home-based sources have feeder fittings measuring half an inch in diameter. Note all measurements down on a piece of paper, and then buy PEX pipes from a hardware or home improvement store.

2. Buy PEX compression fittings that have the same diameter as the feed connections in your home. These screw directly to all existing source feeders and let you couple PEX pipes to the feed line.

3. Screw the compression fitting nut to the feed line. Wrap the threads with Teflon tape, and then screw them firmly using a pipe wrench.

4. A compression nut should then be placed over the PEX pipe. After placing the compression nut, set a compression ring to the end part. Push the end to the fitting you connected with the feed line. The compression nut should then be screwed to the fitting.

5. At this point, you should tighten all the nuts. To do this, put a wrench on the fitting nut, and then place another on the compression nut. While tightening the compression nut, firmly hold the compression wrench.

6. The PEX piping should then be run to the next fitting. Afterwards, cut it to the correct length using a utility knife. Do the installation steps again, and this time, do so using a PEX fitting.

7. A PEX compression tee fitting must then be inserted to the PEX pipes for several water lines. Cut the plastic pipes at the point where you would like it to split off, and place the compression tee like you would with another compression fitting. Tighten it afterwards.

There are actually many ways to set up PEX pipes in your home. However, only skilled plumbers can do them. So if several pipes of this type need to be installed in your home, contact the right professionals for assistance. The right plumber to call must not only be skilled in the craft, he must also have the license to work as a plumber and has the best equipment for different tasks.

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