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How to Neutralise Basement Flooding

Plumberbrookvale Basement Flooding

Basement floods may sneak upon your home which will cause extensive water damage if not put to stop immediately. It is one of the plumbing emergencies that may induce panic to some homeowners causing them to take charge into the murky water without proper caution. Of course, this can be life-threatening when there are risks of electrocution. In case a basement flood strikes your home, your mind should be over the matter. Consider these few tips to help you neutralise the water damage.

1. Do not take charge into the flood as much as possible.

Some homeowners go into the flood as they attempt to save what’s left of their belongings submerged in the water. Others would also try to check on the extent of the water damage. Either of these reasons, it is best if you do not throw yourself into the flood water to avoid jeopardising your safety due to the following risks:
Risk of Electrocution

You may not be aware that there are active electrical outlets or there electrical appliances plugged in the basement so never plunge yourself in the flood water carelessly. You will just put yourself in danger due to the high risk of electrocution present. If you really find the need to take charge in to the flood, you may shut down the main breaker of your home. But consider the other risks aside from electric shock though.
Sewage wastes

The flood water might be contaminated with sewage wastes coming from your sewer line up to the basement. Exposing yourself to the contaminated water might inflict you with communicable sewer-related maladies like leptospirosis, cholera, hepatitis A and cholera. Do not risk your health and safety so better hire clean-up services instead.
Structural Damage

There are worst cases where the water may have affected the house’s structural integrity. The ceilings and walls become unstable and fragile and may break down as you navigate in the basement.

2. Minimise the Water Damage

Basement floods can be caused by several factors. It could be that the waterline burst instead of flood water. For you to reduce the water damage, you can shut down the main water valve so that the flow of water distributed by the municipal provider is halted. A basement flood can also be caused by sewer backups so make sure to avoid flushing your toilets since this will just worsen the exposed sewer wastes and increase the flood.

3. Call your insurance company

There are home insurance companies that cover basement floods. You may just have to document the flooding through photos. You also have to list down the destroyed items and other materials that need restoration.

If you are buying new items to replace your loss, make sure to keep the receipts for you to show your insurer. Bear in mind that you have to reduce the risk of basement floods from reoccurring in the future since the insurance company might negate their coverage if they see that you did not try to prevent the disaster from happening again.

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