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5 Common Water Heater Myths Busted

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Water heaters have been installed in households around the world for decades. There are knowledge about maintenance and purchasing tips for a water heater that are passed down to generations. In other cases, new tips or ideas have sprung out for new water heating systems. Some of these helpful tips or common knowledge are actually just myths that don’t have a hint of truth at all. You may believe in some of these water heater myths that actually don’t have any benefit or can actually become dangerous for your heating system.

Replacing an old water heater with a new one is too costly

You’re definitely going to spend money in purchasing and installing a new water heater, but keeping an old one is actually more expensive and even more dangerous. Old water heating systems that are past beyond its lifetime need a lot of repairs and can actually damage the plumbing systems connected to it. You should have spent the money for a new and more efficient water heater than trying to keep an old one by paying for multiple repairs a year. Furthermore, the hassle brought by an aging water heater like rusty water, leaks, and broken heating elements will just leave your frustrated.

Solar water heaters don’t work at night or in cloudy or winter weather

This time we’re going to tackle a myth about a specific type of water heater. If you’re not familiar with how a solar water heater works or its capabilities then it’s easy to assume that it won’t work without the presence of sunlight. In truth, solar water heaters actually store a lot of solar energy during the day so that you will be able to use hot water during night time. With regards to cloudy or winter-filled locations using solar water heaters; there are actually heating systems designed to still become operational and efficient despite the lowered presence of sunlight.

Tankless water heaters don’t have a steady amount of hot water supply since it doesn’t have any tank

Tankless heating systems clearly don’t have storage to heat water but that doesn’t mean it can’t produce a steady amount of hot water. The on-demand system of a tankless water heater will provide immediate supply of water heater if it’s needed. The supply is actually constant since the cold water passes through the heating element of the tankless water heater and becomes hot. There is no need for reheating or storing water with tankless systems.

Putting the thermostat will make it faster to heat the water

You may have already tried to turn the thermostat up to get really hot water in just a short amount of time, but this doesn’t actually work. Most water heating systems actually have one setting and required temperature for operation. Increasing the thermostat will only risk damaging the heating system or possibly causing an explosion.

I can use my water heater all the time since it’s energy-efficient

Energy-efficient doesn’t mean you can just unnecessarily use hot water. Keep in mind that you still consume energy with these types of water heaters. Increasing the load and frequency of the water heating system won’t save you any energy or money.

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