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3 Main Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Plumberbrookvale Trenchless Pipe Repair

As plumbing disasters and damages become ever more notorious than they normally are, plumbing professionals endeavour to develop new ways to fix them that need to be significantly better and more efficient than that of the traditional method thus, the innovative creating of trenchless pipe rehabilitation and trenchless pipe replacement technology.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology is a method of non-destructively repairing a damaged pipe back to its strong and dependable state. This process uses a non-invasive method that is both effective and less expensive than the traditional way. The trenchless pipe replacement method, on the other hand, is applicable to the pipe that is no longer suitable for pipe repair because the structure has already attained to much damage wherein the most suitable method of saving the system it is connected to is the replacement of the pipe’s entirety. However, this process is just as advanced and efficient as the pipe rehabilitation.

In this article, the main benefits of doing trenchless pipe repair over the traditional way of going about pipe fixing are revealed and broken down for your better understanding.
1. Effective

At some extent, pipe repair had always been labour-intensive and bothersome. Both homeowners and contractors have always believed conducted pipe repair and replacement with too much labour and sweat-inducing activity that are often too much for anyone to bear. The old method is also bothersome to everyone near the site. It used to include heavy digging and lifting materials that can create havoc to the site and nearby spaces. The old method takes too long to complete and has little to no regard to environmental damage. In a nutshell, although the former method gets the job done, it is not without sacrificial damage. The method is completely destructive and downright intrusive.

This new method only shares one common ground with the former ways. That is that it gets the job done. Trenchless repair is better in many angles. It is non-invasive and does not wreak havoc to the landscaping. Time of repair is also a very noticeable advancement with this new technology. Average trenchless pipe rehabilitation can only take about 3 to 4 hours. This means that by the time the plumbers call it a day, you are left with a good-as-new pipeline.
2. Low-cost

Because the new method is trenchless, the cost of tools and machinery is cut off significantly. Compared to the traditional method where too much cash is spent on consumable resources such as fuel energy, trenchless repair saves a dramatically large sum of money in this area. There are lesser products to be bought with this method and that also contributes to the lowered price tag. Also, there is not much waste and leftover materials in this method making it less messy and costly than the former operation. Another factor that differs is the manual labour cost. Since in this process, the machine, few as there are, does almost all the work, lesser is needed for the contractor considering that his role in the operation is only to supervise that the process goes smoothly.
3. High-quality

Although the process is low-cost, it certainly does not compromise its quality of work. In fact, a relined pipe is proven to be 10 times stronger than the average pipeline. The treated pipe also lasts for at least 50 years longer than the normal one. The resin liner used in the relining process is environmentally friendly while being resistant to all kinds of chemical agents present in the soil. It is semi-flexible making it adapt to any movement of the soil instead of breaking, seamless so root cannot find entry points for intrusion and is not toxic to humans as you may have thought considering the amount of chemicals present in the material. What most of the homeowners might not know is that the resin lining used in this technology is in the same kitchen grade as the can liners of canned goods sold in supermarkets.

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