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4 Environmental Edges of Pipe Relining

plumber brookvale - environmental edges of pipe relining

Sewer problems are really unavoidable because of the harmful materials and solutions it conveys day after day. And when these problems get worse and worse, you might be surprised to know that you already need to replace your sewer system. That would be a terrible news to every homeowner because of the advantages and labourious task involved in digging. However, because of pipe relining, homeowners need not to worry about the excessive digging that could lead to property destruction, time consumption and service rate increase. Aside from that, one of the advantages homeowners can enjoy from these process is its environmental advantages. Aside from its efficiency and being economical, it is also an option for a green living. To give you more information about the environmental advantages of pipe relining, take a look at the following list:

  1. Avoids landscape destruction

The first thing that troubles many homeowners when doing sewer replacement is the destruction it could give to their well-landscaped property because of the excessive digging. With the conventional method of sewer line repair, service contractors would need to dig the entire length of the damaged sewer just to extract it from the ground and replace it with a new one. You might be able to successfully do the repair procedure, however, these processes might cause destruction to many properties such as gardens, lawns, garage, pavements and even roads. And the restoration of these damaged properties would be certainly annoying and budget-busting.

With the new process of sewer line repair known as pipe relining, excessive digging would be no longer necessary. Digging may still be involved, however, it is reduced by up to 80%. Only two pits will be excavated and these pits will serve as our access towards our damaged sewer line.In this way, you may not affect many properties that could lead to the destruction of many animal habitats and vegetations.

  1. Helps protect the environment from harmful wastes

When you install durable pipes, you can assure yourself that these pipes can efficiently carry the wastes to their destination. But with pipe relining, the pipe-within-a-pipe effect could give your sewer line be surely more effective.

Pipe relining uses high quality and durable lining material that would increase the structural integrity of your sewer system. Resistance against corrosion, destruction due to abrasive substances and deterioration would be increased which would avoid leaking and burst pipe that may cause chemicals to leak which is harmful to the environment. These chemical solutions and chemical drain cleaning products are certainly harmful to the environment that is why they should be prevented from leaking. Relining your sewer line would ensure that these chemicals are conveyed efficiently to ensure the health of the public.

  1. Lesser wastes to landfill

As mentioned above, the conventional way of repairing damaged sewer lines involves excessive digging and extraction of heavy trenches from the ground. These damaged pipes would surely be wasted and thrown into the nearby landfills. And because they are non-biodegradable, they can be very harmful to the environment. With pipe relining, those damaged pipes that can still be utilised would not be wasted. Instead, they will be relined in order for them to regain and even increase the structural integrity they once had. Reusing these pipes would be helpful not only to the environment but to the homeowners’ pockets as well.

  1. Energy efficient

Heavy extraction equipment needed for digging the damaged trenches would no longer be necessary with pipe relining. In this way, we can be able to save fuel from running this equipment and we can use them for a better purpose.

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