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4 Features of Gravity Sewers

Plumberbrookvale Gravity Sewer Pipes

For every domestic establishment, gravity sewer system is the most convenient type of sewer for gathering sewages. Compared to other types, this does not require pumping stations and equipment to carry sewages. On the other hand, this sewer is totally dependent on gravity. Upon its installation, there are specific requirements that should be followed to avert bending areas and sewage deposits. Aside from those being mentioned, here are some other features that gravity sewer have:

Slope of sewer

Upon establishing and constructing of the gravity sewer system, the sewer pipes to be used should be laid gently along with a specific downward slope and grade so that the gravity will pull sewages to the water treatment plants. If these pipes are not completely laid to the required slope, failure to carry the sewage to every domestic building to its designated treatment plants will likely to occur. Also, there is a specific course of velocity that should be retained to obtain its self-cleaning activities. Failure to do so will cause obstructions inside the sewer pipe that needs costly repair services and sufficient amount of time needed for the repair procedures.

Design flow

When opting for gravity sewer system, it should be well organised along with accurate computations to conform the sewage flow of a specific area. Additionally, expect that there is an increase of sewage volume when the population of the area advances. There is a factor known as the peaking factor that is suggested to be used in the sewer system in order for the treatment plants and the sewers to manage the rapid run of the sewer system for the entire day. This should be done since volume differs at a specific time of the day. When you try to anticipate the flow capacity, allowances should be allowed when instances like the volume tend to increase unexpectedly happens.


One characteristic of gravity is that there totally dependent on gravity for carry sewages. This is the reason why all sewers with this kind of system are laid with a proper downward slope so that the gravity will aid with the course. The velocity should suffice and avert factors that will precipitate sewage deposition and build up inside the sewer pipes.

Its purpose is to stave off any chances of obstruction that will lead you to pay for expensive repairs or worse, you’ll be forced to purchase new ones for unexpected damages. What is required is to be for the velocity to be at least 2 fps to keep the self-cleaning velocity.

Pipe’s size

A lot of specialists recommends that diameter of the sewer should be big enough to let the maintenance and cleaning equipment inside. Allowances should be given in order for the sewers to be at least half full for the entire day. Furthermore, areas at the top of the sewage flow should be kept unoccupied for design flow determiner and cleaning equipment paths. These two will aid to keep the condition and aerobic activities inside the sewer pipes.

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